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SOUL*SCAPE - Soulscape Gift

SOUL*SCAPE - Soulscape Gift

$ 777.00


Something called to me.  I know not what it was.

I felt a presence - tiny - but profound.

Yet, the deeper I went into ITS REALM . . . the bigger its voice seemed to grow.

Suddenly I realized twas not IT that was tiny . . . it was ME.


As I journeyed further into the realms of light, I saw the earth transform before me.  My home was richer and deeper than I ever imagined - and far more wise than I knew.

I'll never be the same since that day.  A Soulscape gift was created just for me.  Embedded in its images lie all I need - symbols and signs, messages and meanings.  They all come flooding through me.  But how did she know?  Even before I knew myself, this fairy of an angel created SUCH A SOUL SPEAKE gift . . . for me!


You are purchasing one digital JPG or PNG original resolution image file.  Each is custom-created and may be used for anything your heart desires that respects and honors the original creation and artist, including brochures, invitations, web pages, etc.  Simply leave the image intact and remember who created it.;- ), honoring and respecting both as you would like your soul's work to be treated as well.  And if you wish to use for a commercial or publishing project, please contact me.



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