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SOUL*SCAPE - Illusion Of Uncaring

SOUL*SCAPE - Illusion Of Uncaring

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The Salmon know a secret about uphill journeys.

The trick is to MELT into them.  To become ONE with their raging power and the energy they bring.  As you do, you yourself grow lighter and lighter until soon . .  . you feel nothing against you, and it seems as if, well yes . . . as if you have wings.

The Journey can give some the impression that there is uncaring before you.  And yet, THE SALMON know you are, as they, surrounded by the most wise and powerful of benevolent forces.  Nature herself has the greatest heart of all.  Rest there.  WE DO!

And remember that the journey reveals its magic and its grace . . . only to those who complete its path.  Something truly extraordinary happens in these life-changing journeys.  The challenge does not represent UNCARING by those you wish did more.  Rather, it represents the moment to watch as you birth some new aspect of your own inner power . . . out into the world.  In this way, the journeys we take that ask the most of us . . . are the truly magical ones which restore within us our truer and deeper knowing . . .  OF OUR INNER POWER.  OF WHO WE TRULY ARE!


You are purchasing one digital JPG or PNG original resolution image file.  Each is custom-created and may be used for anything your heart desires that respects and honors the original creation and artist, including brochures, invitations, web pages, etc.  Simply leave the image intact and remember who created it.;- ), honoring and respecting both as you would like your soul's work to be treated as well.  And if you wish to use for a commercial or publishing project, please contact me.



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