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"SOARING PAST (FIRE)" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"SOARING PAST (FIRE)" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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When this essence first came, it smoked.  Then - it turned to ice.  Really!

Tiny, crystalline ice crystals formed.  All the more perplexing - or enchanting! :- ), depending on your bent . . .  because there was at that point nothing in it but starlight luna water - and love.

Ohhhh, the magic!  Ever smitten with this ESSENCE's gifts - and command of the elements - I paid close attention as she continued to take form.  Let's just say this:  FIRE seems to be something most . . . would turn away from.  EVEN WISELY SO.

And yet, in fact, THIS ESSENCE comes to show you how fire - or ANY OTHER presentation in your life - is only LIGHT.  She incredibly embodies THE PHOENIX wisdom and knowing that . . . in ONENESS . . . there can be no harm.

As you make your way to the threshold of oneness, in your journey, you will come face to face with a million instances of this truth.  They are moments which allow you to vibrate higher, to step into the knowings of your soul AS THE GUIDANCE SYSTEM for your physical body.  And to do something else . . . to SOAR in the face of that which you might otherwise would have thought would break you.

You cannot be broken.  Remember this.  IT IS A TRUTH OF LIGHT.

She's a powerful essence.  FEAR is not in her language.  It will be removed from yours :- ).

And then you are, ever truly, free to REALLY SOAR!  Enjoy the glide . . . as you move to ONENESS.




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