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Came about

In a confusing way.

Yes, it's true . . . she wanted to be,

And I could feel her pulsating presence coming forth.

But her impulse . . . just waited.  And waited.  And waited.


But I can tell you this . . .



Let me tell you about . . . SMITTEN.  It's a listing for those of you who have A PASSION.  One that has FOUND YOU.  Descended into your life as if from wings on high, some other realm where it decided all on its own . . . THAT YOU WERE THE ONE.  The One . . . chosen to bring it forth.  The one who would feel its magical touch and be swept away on an ocean of magical light.  The one who would eat, breathe, and sleep it - even against your will.

THE ONE . . . for whom this passion would end up being A CALLING like no other.


You see, there are times in our lives - and on our Soul Path - when we are touched.  Something touches us and opens up doorways and magical desires within us . . . that we just cannot deny.  They are unanticipated.  They are wholly unplanned.  And they usually do not and will not fit into our life as it stands right now . . . in any way.

And yet - we cannot turn away.  They are like that movie you are so enthralled in watching that you could not walk out if you tried.

SMITTEN is a soul path PASSION.  It finds you and you are swept away - on the possibility, the magic, and the IMPOSSIBILITY of it, all at once.  It's something that ignites a part of you so deep inside, it feels as if you are a new person.  This new passion will draw you in, mesmerize your mind, and catapult your heart into a whole new life.  If you let it.

The thing about these SOUL PASSIONS is this:  they most often will simply NOT HOLD FORM or TAKE PRESENCE in any usual way.  You cannot follow the expected path and expect to have them be what appears at the end.  EVEN IF YOU think you can - or have - it's not going to work.

SOUL PASSIONS require you to adore and accept THE MYSTERY.  And to allow THE NEW PASSION inside you . . . to not just lead, but to dictate her unveiling through you - within you - TO YOU.

This listing is for a very powerful connection.  One where we kneel at the altar of your Highest Essence, and ask the most important question of all . . . how can I follow YOU in this creation?  What do I do . . . to honor your magical path for this part of my life?  And most importantly . . . what must I do to be ready to live this new passion in its intended and most soulful way?

In other words, you are consumed by this soulful passion which has come to you unexpectedly.  You want to create it, you want to honor it, and you want . . . TO GET IT DONE!  But the 'how' has been tricky - and the 'what' keeps morphing.

This Listing honors the magic and mystery of this very special new love in your life ;- ) . . .and says, take my hand, guide me - TO KNOW - what next

We will go into a state of pure oneness, you and I . . . whether you realize you are there or not, lol . . . and I will receive - and give to you - the blueprint and map for your path forward at this time.  The THREE most important things for you to know, see, and honor . . . about THIS NEW PASSION OF LIGHT.

From there, you will be on your way, doing whatever YOUR SOUL asks so that this NEW PASSION . . . can fulfill her own destiny.  And you, yours . . . as well.


Include any notes you like - about what you seek, what you are striving to uncover, what you wish deeply to know - in your order as you check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be in touch by email with the details for how we will, together, unfold this soulful magic you seek.


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