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Share The Love * Share The Magic!

Share The Love * Share The Magic!

$ 5.00

This is a very special listing. 

Inspired by - and requested by - some VERY high Light Beings, it is finally here.   At Georgie's powerful, persuasive insistence. :- )

At Celestiava*Magic, our creations set their prices, always based on frequency and vibration.  And quite often . . . they are offered FOR FREE!  Nothing makes us happier than when a wisdom, a class video, a connection, a magical creation chooses to be revealed FOR FREE!

To be completely truthful, it is my deep and abiding hope that one day . . . EVERY THING I CREATE will be offered FOR FREE.  That's the way I have always done it, since the very first Sparkle of Light in me wanted to go out into the world decades ago.  FREE.  MY SOUL'S GIFT.  AVAILABLE FOR ALL and CERTAIN TO GET TO THE RIGHT SOUL.  To me, that is truly SACRED COMMERCE!

So I was a bit surprised, many moons ago, when THE SHOPPE came into existence.  The creations set their prices and I'm happy with that - I trust them, and my soul, completely.  Sometimes the person they are meant for will be blessed in enormous ways by paying the creation's frequency price.  Sometimes, creations can simply be lovingly gifted for free.  It matters not to me - I trust THE LIGHT completely.  And I'm certain it is all just perfect in how it unfolds.

So today, after the request has been made many times by customers - and, to be honest, by many of my creations . . . we are creating this special listing.  Here, you can choose to give A GIFT OF LOVE - to share THE LIGHT you receive when you are here - back to Celestiava*Magic.  We'll use those resources to create ever more powerful and expansive gifts of the soul, to be given to the world.  An AWAKENING and EXPANDING world.

So if you are touched by something here, and feel moved to SHARE THE LOVE and THE MAGIC you've received here in our  humble shoppe, now you can!  Choose a gift amount from above, add to your cart, and check out!  It's as easy as that to give a gift back that we will use only for THE HIGHEST OF NEW LIGHT CREATIONS.  Feel free to combine the amounts to set your perfect gift - place as many in your cart as you like to get the total you wish.

And, also at the request of SOME VERY MAGICAL BEINGS, you can - if you feel moved to - join the movement to support this enormous flow of LIght out into the world from Celestiava*Magic.  If you choose to, you can become A PATRON by clicking HERE.  This allows you to gift a regular monthly amount to support the highest frequency creations being given to the world, available for all right here.  Schools of Light, Awakenings of Soulful Connections, and all manner of magical creations designed to uplift LIFE ON EARTH into its newest and highest aspects of being.

Whatever you choose, free always means free here.  But for those of you who have asked, wished, and been guided to GIVE LOVE BACK to fuel more of these immensely powerful and soulfully expanding creations . . . you now have two ways to do that

Gifts of Love are available in the drop down menu above. 
And Patron support is available HERE .

We are SO grateful to all who love our shoppe, adore our creations, and hunger for the wisdoms and truths our educational classes and inspirational videos share.  YOU are adored - by us.  And we will always be deeply touched by the souls of light on earth who choose to support this very magical, light-filled awakening into ONENESS. 

THAT IS . . . what Celestiava*Magic brings to the world.  Every thing we do is about that.  And only that.  Join us . . . if you, too, are here to create THE WORLD OF LIGHT which exists at the very Heart of Oneness.


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