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This is a listing I never thought I would write.  I could have resisted, I could have nixed it at many a point in time.  I could have . . . just said a big, profound - and resounding! - NO.

Instead, I have honored THE INTENTION.  THE INTENTION of my soul.  THE INTENTION of my path.  THE INTENTION of . . . the sacred me.

Here is my most compelling, perhaps most beautiful, even in some ways most soulful GIFT TO YOU.  A rare - and limited - offering.  For a special time only, if you are one of those hearts just awakening, or perhaps deeply awakened but now beginning to bloom in a new and special way in the midst of a long journey of expansion . . . and you want to REALLY HONE IN on all the gifts, all the magic, all the possibilities YOUR SOUL is bringing forward to you - then take heart!  Our listing comes at this very special time in the world, so that YOU miss not a single gift from your soul.  And, so that YOU open to the fullest, at the most perfect point in time, and ignite your soul's path to express YOUR OWN GREATEST and TRUEST GIFTS . . . right now.

How does it work?  Simple.  WITH PURE PRESENCE.  Once a week, you will receive a personal - short - video which presents to you a wonderful wisdom for you to contemplate.  Drink it in and allow YOUR ESSENCE to highlight and illuminate within you the very powerful and magical truths it will hold for you - so that your inner doorways and windows of Light open on the very first opportunity.

Follow that up on your end with an email - personal and private - to me.  Questions, wonderings, musings . . . whatever comes,  just send it on if you wish to focus your journey and your life on that magical wisdom.  When I receive your email, I will respond with a short and wise intuitive knowing to help you highlight - and solidify - that which YOUR ESSENCE most asks you to embrace, to explore, to embody.

Are you ready?  Ready to REALLY put your focus on what is most important to you?  On what will guide your life forward to its greatest expression?  On what will allow YOUR SOUL GIFTS to blossom and bloom AS INTENDED in the most perfect way?

If so, this listing comes to both illuminate and ignite those gifts within you.  ONE WEEK AT A TIME!  You can sign up by the month, by quarter, or for the entire year.  Join at any time.

Our Magic begins when you say YES!  When you take this step to begin a beautiful journey of TRANSFORMATION, from which there is no turning back.  When you invest - your time, resources, attention AND intention . . . in YOU!  And the magic we will be sharing and creating and birthing together . . . will take your breath away.

Why is this listing so rare?  Because I rarely "guide" others by taking their hand as they walk the path and take the journey of their soul's most sacred expression.  Rather, I most often ignite a spark within someone . . . and am here as the twists and the turns of the path bring them back to me  - for inspiration, illumination, and that rarest of clarity that can only be seen from PURE ONENESS.

But for you . . . those special, magical hearts who are, in this moment, dedicated and devoted to honoring the yearning inside you TO BE MORE, TO BE ALL YOU CAN BE, TO BE TRUE in a way that honors YOUR MOST SACRED SOUL . . . this is our gift for you.  I am here, for a very limited time, to take you by the hand and SHOW THE WAY.  With my light and the wisdom of pure love.  There's nothing MORE POTENT or MORE PROFOUND . . . and I promise you this:  YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER EVER BE THE SAME.

If this speaks to you, and the gift of a rare guiding hand calls to your heart, then trust . . . I AM HERE.  And this listing is just for you!


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