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"Sacred Listeninig" - A CHARMED CLASS

"Sacred Listeninig" - A CHARMED CLASS

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Well, at some point in your life - it will find you.  A situation or event that creates a DEEP and COMPELLING need . . . to listen to another's soul.  This can be a creature or animal companion you share your life with - a neighbor you cannot tolerate - or even your own child.

We all form connections with others - and those connections begin, believe it or not, in our heart.  Our mind takes over pretty quickly - yes - but it is our heart which begins the process.  Thus - OUR HEART - is the space where we can initiate connections with those we do not understand . . . with those we are struggling to live with . . . with those who seem to be wreaking chaos or havoc in our lives.  EVEN . . . with those who are no longer with us on this earthly plane.

SACRED LISTENING is about heart-to-heart communication . . . pure and simple.  It works anywhere, anytime, with any Being or any type - your dog,  your cat, your child, your friend, your mother who has passed to spirit.

It's one of our deepest gifts and truest abilities.  This class is about opening your own inner awareness of this part of you.

Join us.  Your life will change - for the better - when you do!

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