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Comes forth from Our Soul

In rare and potent moments.

Something sparks a flame into presence

So powerful and surprising that it takes our breath away.


We may feel as if we have been almost possessed,

As a roar and a storm of light moves through us.

WE have been touched by . . .



There Comes A Time.


There comes a time in every life when . . . we lose our control on the gears.   It is as if something takes us over - something with boundless power and brilliant clarity of vision.  She speaks TRUTH in a way humans rarely do, or hear . . . and she ACTS in ways that are so clarifyingly powerful . . . we may tremble in their wake.

That trembling?  That is a sign of . . . THE FURY of THE SOUL.  It comes forth when we - or another - cross a line.  A line the SOUL OF LIGHT and OF ONENESS will not allow to go by . . . without response.  A SACRED REPLY that will, no doubt!, shake you to your very core.

If you think in terms of war - and we do not - it's the equivalent of SHOCK AND AWE.  You will feel both.  Shocked that you do or say what you do.  And in silent - and somewhat fearful awe - that such power could live inside you, much less rise to the surface like a volcano no one knew was there.

I'm not talking about anger - though A SACRED FURY can hold that, too.  This is more about THE ESSENCE of SPIRIT being purely incredulus . . . at something in the material realm.  Usually something a human mind or fearful heart does or says.  And usually something that is done while proclaiming to BE LIGHT or AWARE or AWAKE.  In other words, something "claimed" by another to be THE HIGHEST PATH OR ACT . . . because they themselves are AWAKE AND AWARE.

It's a bit like . . . SPIRIT choosing to call out THE RAGING INCONSISTENCY blazing in our life when we invoke spiritual concepts - and fail to live them when it doesn't suit.  But when this REALLY erupts?  Is when we use them to ENACT FORCE on another - force of ideas, of will, of choices . . . simply because we want something they have.

SPIRIT will roar . . . make no mistake.  She doesn't often.  But she can.  AND I PROMISE YOU, she will.  And if she chooses in some moment to roar through you, you may not quite understand what that means and why it happens.  But more importantly, you may not SEE how to move through the consequences it brings.  Because SPIRITUAL ROARS . . . upend life on the physical planet.  The material realm feels them like a huge storm blowing through, untethering everything from its mast and foundation. 

These are powerful times.  If Sacred FURY has moved through you, no doubt, you were shocked.  And no doubt you trembled in its wake as it passed through you.

The question is . . now what?  How do you move forward in the highest way when something THIS POWERFUL and THIS BLAZING IN CLARITY has moved through you and out into the world around you?  The answer is . . . WITH GREAT CARE.  And with ever deeper alignment to YOUR ESSENCE.

It's as if SPIRIT itself becomes INDIGNANT - and speaks through you!  The look on the faces of others around you, and how they respond, is not child's play to handle.  This is unexpected and will rock your world.  But do remember . . . this is a good thing.  A GIFT FROM SPIRIT.

And this listing comes to help you to delve deeper into the matrix of light that birthed such a thing.  It is A SACRED EVENT.  And your path forward will be best directed from THE DEPTHS OF LIGHT as well.  So let's do!



Include any notes you like - about what you seek, what you are striving to uncover, what you wish deeply to know - in your order as you check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be in touch by email with the magical details of how we will reveal the gifts THIS SACRED FURY brings to you!


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