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Sacred Art - CUSTOM Sacred Soul Art Painting - Original Painting CREATED JUST FOR YOU

Sacred Art - CUSTOM Sacred Soul Art Painting - Original Painting CREATED JUST FOR YOU

$ 77.00


Within the halls of light

Magic lives in the pulsations of energy there.

Those pulsations carry imprints and frequencies and codes.

They hold the vibration of wholeness, life, and spirit.

They are yours to behold. 

This is a listing where you get to receive THE GIFT OF SPIRIT into your life without bounds.  Just as the images in the collection page about the two souls of light who came to inspire that painting . . . you will receive something just as magical - just as potent - just as profound. 

What will it be?  I have no idea!  I will take to my sacred altar and paint what comes.  Whatever form, whatever size, whatever shape it chooses.  I may never know what it is meant to be - but I promise you this - it will hold MAGIC And SACRED PRESENCE like you have never dreamed you could hold in your hands.

Whatever the expression OF LIGHT is that wishes to descend to bless you and this creation . . . that's what the painting will embody.  Andy wisdoms or revelations or blessings it brings will also be shared.  My goodness!  The possibilities are ENDLESS!  When we allow the boundaries to fall away, we find SACRED LIGHT is everywhere, just waiting for us to step out of the way and allow IT TO CREATE in divine and magical ways.  I do.  This listing will bless you with just such a creation.

This much I know.  Whatever it is, whatever it seems to hold, whatever the final form it takes . . . it will be powerful and potent.  And it will transform your life in ways you cannot imagine a brush and some paint could do.  Oh yes . These are potent things.  Tools of the soul, I call them.  They come to reveal the most powerful things.  TO US.  WITHIN US.  OF US. 

And this one will be yours!

Give us six weeks please, some may take seven.  And yet some are done in 3 weeks time.  I promise you this.  When the painting is complete - it will be EXACTLY what your soul has chosen for it to be.  It will be what is PERFECT for you.  A Sacred Presence . . . for the path ahead.

These creations are so deeply sacred.  Each one is kept in sacred trust here, with the most powerful energies surrounding it at all times.  We receive HIGH LIGHT here.  And your creation will embody that.  And only that.  As you will see.  These hold far more art than technique.  Everything from the paint to the chosen time for them to be created is guided by YOUR ESSENCE.


You are purchasing one original CUSTOM SACRED SOUL PAINTING.  A creation of art made in union with your soul.  That's a powerful creation space.  Not many can hold it. I can.  I do.  It is my bliss.  I suspect the results will be yours . . . :- )

This is not just a painting or drawing.  This is an expression of a divine and magical soul - YOUR OWN.

The art will be unframed.  I would suggest you frame it when - and as - guided.This art holds consciousness.  You'll see. ;- )


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