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Sacred Art - CUSTOM Sacred Light Mandalais With Digital Sparkle - Digital File of Original Mandalais

Sacred Art - CUSTOM Sacred Light Mandalais With Digital Sparkle - Digital File of Original Mandalais

$ 111.00


Believe it or not,

We all have a LIGHT PRINT.

A Soul*Print that holds our highest

And most harmonious blueprint of light.


My Mandalais capture and embody that light field and its blueprint in a guided and celestially revealed form.  Merging with your soul in a state of complete oneness, the mandalais is revealed and then painted or colored.  That art work is then further expanded with layers of light and shimmers that reflect new blessings and fields of expansion within your being.

Use this as a sacred tool for soul alignment.  Or for returns to wholeness that ignite your memory of wellness.  Whatever wishes to come forth will BE the perfect thing for your journey.

These are potent and powerful things.  They are also sacred and soulful blueprints.  NOTHING is more pure in its reflection of your own center being.  Use them wisely.  Cherish them completely .  Treat them as sacredly as you would the most precious jewel on earth.  For they are.  As are you.

This listing is for the digital file of the completed artwork created digitally after the original painting is complete.  IF you would also like the original painted mandalais itself, you may choose to add that option into your cart in the drop down menu above. 

Give us six weeks please, some may take seven.  And yet some are done in 3 weeks time.  I promise you this.  When the painting is complete - it will be EXACTLY what your soul has chosen for it to be.  It will be what is PERFECT for you.  A Sacred Presence . . . for the path ahead.

These creations are so deeply sacred.  Each one is kept in sacred trust here, with the most powerful energies surrounding it at all times.  We receive HIGH LIGHT here.  And your creation will embody that.  And only that.  As you will see.  These hold far more art than technique.  Everything from the paint to the chosen time for them to be created is guided by YOUR ESSENCE.


You are purchasing one original mandalais creation, in a digital file format - made at the guidance of YOUR SOUL or ESSENCE.  That Sacred Energy and Presence will come to create the mandalais as a perfect and pure reflection of the light blueprint that is your perfect creation to receive.

This is not just a painting or drawing.  This is an expression of a divine and magical soul - YOUR OWN.

The art will be unframed.  I would suggest you frame it when - and as - guided.This art holds consciousness.  You'll see. ;- )


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