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Sacred Art - Births Of Light 16

Sacred Art - Births Of Light 16

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This is one of the very first mandalais I ever made in color.  They are soul prints of light.  They hold great power.  When the original piece of artwork - THE ORIGINAL SACRED CREATION - comes and beckons to be blended into a deeper creation, well . . . sparks fly!  Literally.  The LIGHT PRESENT when one of these is being blended into a foundation to surround it .  . is palpable.  It leads, spirit guides, I follow.  THAT is how these came to be.

They spent years tucked away, by intent.  THEIRS!  Gestating, creating magic, infusing our space with frequencies of light that most cannot even imagine.  Yes, they hold magic.  And ever so much more, truth be told!

Use them for anything that is soulful, spiritual, or embodies the joy of the spirit.  I suggest you let them guide you.  They know your inner self better than you, no doubt.   Respect the creation and you will be amazed at THE MAGIC IT HOLDS.  They are healing, restorative, and incredibly harmonizing.  But their real power goes far beyond that.  THEIR REAL POWER IS THIS:  each one awakens a frequency long-dormant on earth.  IT IS TIME.



You are purchasing one original digital art image file in a PNG file format at its original resolution. 


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