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Sacred Art - Angel Fairy #2 - COMING SOON! - Digital Download of Original Painting

Sacred Art - Angel Fairy #2 - COMING SOON! - Digital Download of Original Painting

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She came, like A WISP OF LIGHT.  Barely there, sparkling before me.  Her shimmery wings and body could only be seen by the rainbow outline of teal they held.  Oh, she was diaphanous indeed!  Happy and cheerful, she brings us a very special gift.  A KNOWING.  That beyond all you think you see . . . lies a realm of ENCHANTMENT just waiting for THEE.

When she came to me, I heard giggles in the room that day.  She is slight and fairy*like, but boy is her presence that of a symphony of wind chimes - you cannot HELP but notice the sparkle and shimmer in the room when she is near.

Is she yours ? ? ?

:- )



You are purchasing one original digital art image file in a PNG file format at its original resolution.  The file includes the frame border you see in the image above. 

The original painting itself was made at the behest of some VERY HIGH LIGHT BEINGS.  This angel came and visited and asked to have her essence expressed in this way.  She's come for a very special purpose. And she holds VERY RARE GIFTS, indeed!

21 Angels came to be painted.  They are my friends.  They can be yours as well!  These creations were not just a painting.  They hold the expression of a divine and magical soul, who came one day to imbue her LIGHT into this creation. 

She lives far beyond the boundaries of the painting and its image . . . but it is an anchor point which allows her to RELEASE HER MAGIC - like a waterfall, flowing into those lucky enough to see her - in THE MOST ENCHANTING OF WAYS!  Thus she chose someone who was NOT A PAINTER AT ALL - so that HER TRUE LIGHT could come through in a most uninhibited way.  AND THAT SHE DID!


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