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Request A CUSTOM Magical Fairy - Created Just For You

Request A CUSTOM Magical Fairy - Created Just For You

$ 77.77
The possibilities are infinite. 


We tiptoe into our magic studio of light each night, and wait to see what the fairies bring!  But sometimes, ever with a heart filled with DELIGHT . . . we create something especially for SOMEONE WHO ASKS to have one of their very own.  These fairies are created JUST FOR YOU, and once you make your purchase, then the magic will ever flow.  The wool, the colors, the process of preparation . . . will all unfold as if led by SOME INVISIBLE GUIDING STAR.

When complete,  your fairy will be JUST PERFECT!  She will reflect THE LIGHT and THE ENERGY and THE HEART of a real, live fairy who comes to bring this special, unique - AND DARE I SAY IT, RARE ! - gift just for you.

There is no greater gift to give . . . than one's soul dancing entirely in the field of light.  THESE FAIRIES DO!  Are you ready to request yours?  I suspect, once you do . . . the magic will flood your heart, your soul and your life . . . before she ever is complete and makes her way to you.

Give us some time to complete this unique and magical creation JUST FOR YOU.  She will be perfect, when complete, I promise you that!  Fairies don't like to be rushed, so take a breath and rest a spell.  Before you know it, she'll be in front of you, ready to reveal both HER MAGIC and HER LOVE . . .  before your very eyes!!!

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