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"RAINBOW FLAME" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"RAINBOW FLAME" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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This is POWER IN A BOTTLE.  The Ethereal Kind.  The Soulful Energy of Creation Unleashed.  And then some. 

RAINBOW FLAME is .. . . The Phoenix's Field of Light.  Not as you likely know her to be - or think you know.  Unless you have sat with her in PURE ONENESS, face to face, thee and she as ONE . . . you don't know her.  Not really - not truly.  She would be an enigma, if you had, because she is . . . listen to me carefully here . . . NOTHING LIKE WHAT WE THINK OR KNOW.

Rainbow Flame is, without a doubt, the most enchanting and metamorphic essence ever created.  How do I know?  I know what's in it :- ).  I know how it came into being.  I SAW ITS BIRTH and stepped back in awe and wonder - and ended up in a pool of tears sobbing on the floor at what she truly is - so beautiful, so majestic, so powerful.  AND COMPLETELY BATHED IN LIGHT.

Her light is pure white - as is her form.  I know - not what we're taught - but it's ever true.  It is so bright . . . she cannot be seen.  HER LIGHT cannot be seen.  But you can tell where she has been - you can see where her presence has left . . . by the rainbow flame left behind.

If you see it -  you are transformed.  Instantly.  It's that powerful.

This Essence comes as A SACRED and RARE GATEWAY.  One that you yourself can welcome into your own life to say - yes - I'm ready - TO BE ALL THAT I TRULY CAME TO BE.  To be beautifully BOLD - powerfully ALCHEMICAL - and nothing BUT TRUE.

She will change you - you can't help but.  And you'll thank her for illuminating your way.  And then some.

My new best friend?  Perhaps . . . :- )





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