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Questing Light

Questing Light

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This is that powerful, luminous space

. . . Where you are yearning for . . .


Something from "beyond the veil" - something your normal practice, your normal life, your normal guidance . . . is not bringing forth.

Rather than forcing something into the open, like a newborn bud not yet ready to bloom - this is more a blending of hearts.  This is where we go on a journey to ask that deepest of questions in your heart - and where we receive from THE VERY CENTER OF LIGHT - of ONENESS - the answer.

Finally.  It comes.  And you can now sit with it, bask in its wisdom, or allow it to open itself to you in a brand new way, a way that allows all that has come before to make sense.  EVEN . . .  THE DEEP UNKNOWING where you feel you may have been existing for so long.

Questing Light is soul work. 

It is, also, quite high vibration. 

We bypass all the usual connective avenues, and we dive deep into the CENTER.  Here - things are revealed in special ways, at perfect times, and with one driving purpose - TO OPEN YOU TO THAT WHICH IS NOT YET SEEN - but which it is most definitely time for you to know, to behold, to fathom.

If you find yourself at a crossroads, and no option seems to glimmer;  or you find yourself in a predicament from which there seems no true passage out; or you simply have been in a twist for a very long time and what you seek seems never to be found - this is your MAGIC.  The space where you behold something in a brand new way, a brand new form.

We call it Questing Light . . . 

because the questions that rise up from within you, which are the most difficult then to answer, or to garner a satisfactory guidance - are the most important, in truth.  So we take THAT QUESTion - and we move directly to The Center Of Oneness - the center of LIGHT - and receive what comes.

Yes, powerful magic.  That magic being . . . your soul or essence revealing its most wise, and most sacred, knowings.  In its own way.  In its own time.


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