Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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Such an INTERESTING name for a spiritual essence . . . don't you think?

I was taken aback.  Then I wondered.  Then . . . it made me smile.

THIS ESSENCE comes to remind us all that when we give away our power . . . it is WE who did so.  In the human realm, A PROXY is a piece of paper you give to another designating THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE ON YOUR BEHALF.  TO CHOOSE FOR YOU.  TO ENACT YOUR VOICE about something in your life . . . in your place.

Well . . . that never works in the realm of LIGHT.  Not for long, certainly.  But I suspect . . . rarely, if ever.  You  see, THE ONLY ONE who can CHOOSE PERFECTLY FOR US - WITHIN OUR LIGHT - is us.  And only when we are coming from THE CENTER OF OUR ESSENCE.  THE HEART OF ONENESS - and our journey into ONENESS - requires, again, that WE be the ones choosing who is leading our lives.  Is our head - or our soul.  Is it our highest spiritual knowing - or our human paradigm.  Is it others in terms of society, peer groups, media, government, the structure of medical community or even just conventional wisdom.

We give away our power every single day if we are living a human life.  THE ONLY WAY TO TRULY LIVE AS ALL WHO WE TRULY ARE IS THIS:  TO LIVE FROM OUR CENTER.  And as we take the journey into deeper realms of LIGHT . . . we are asked to be really aware of where we are living from.  WHO and TO WHAT are we giving our LIGHT - our true power in creating our life.

You'll find there are some surprising illuminations held within this essence.  She comes to reveal to you a clear and shining path forward for your most truest of lives.  When that happens, we open our hearts, our minds are in a higher state, and our lives?  Well, our lives become some of the TRUEST, PUREST EXPRESSIONS OF LIGHT on the planet.  Plus - they become so magical, they take our breath away.  And it's ever time for that - BREATHLESS WONDER at THE LIVES OF LIGHT WE BEHOLD . . . as OUR OWN.  ENJOY!

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