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$ 177.00
I'm thrilled - and truly enchanted! -
To be offering this special listing to you today.
THE ESSENCES and POTIONS requested it themselves!

Enjoy this very special,deeply rare offering of our creations of light.


This is a sacred combination of two very special things.  OUR ESSENCES & OUR CLASSES. 

"PRIVATE & BLESSED" is an offering that is truly magical.  It includes 3 selected ESSENCES from our PRIVATE, NOT YET AVAILABLE SACRED ESSENCES & LIGHT POTIONS.  The ESSENCES themselves choose which ones will be revealed - and THE SURPRISE, THE MYSTERY, is part of their magic.  There are thousands of not-yet-released potions and essences of Sacred Light which are held in sacred trust here.  Some of these are choosing to . . . .BIRTH EARLY to a special, chosen few.  YOU CHOOSE YOURSELVES to step into this very rare, never-before-touched magic.

They will create a special, ethereal family of 3 that hold precious and amazing powers to reflect to us our own inner divine beauty, power and light.  I suspect that THE THREE hold a special resonance together, something you would never think to mix or combine or be drawn to.  BUT THEY KNOW YOUR SOUL and will BE the most perfect combination for you to explore, discover, and embrace RIGHT NOW!

One Essence for each of the three months for that quarter - three total - will be shipped to you at the beginning.  We will work with them one at a time, one a month - yet, I expect they themselves will not be bound by this approach as we might think it to be :- ). 

But there's more.  For each ESSENCE . . . there is a class, so to speak.  Each Essence provides 4 weeks of stunning, powerful and incredibly joyful REVELATIONS of its purpose, its beauty, its gifts . . . ITS SECRETS OF LIGHT - all held in sacred trust FOR YOU.  This goes beyond anything we normally offer WITH OUR ESSENCES - which, if you have bought one or received one as a gift, you know is already deep and extraordinary. This is about learning DEEPLY to honor the essence on its terms - and to fully gather its gifts for yourself, within you - COMPLETELY.

I'm very excited about this offering, now that it has revealed itself.  Because these ESSENCES are unlike anything else in the world.  Having a way to explore them deeply, to offer their vast pool of wisdom and riches for your soul in a way that is playful and ensures you receive their truest and deepest gifts FOR YOU . . . to me, that is truly magical!

Three months - three essences - a month of deep discovery, expansion, and exploration (not to mention TRANSFORMATION) that comes with each one.  You'll be amazed . . . at how our lives change when we open ourselves to some of the simplest, and yet most DIVINE, creations of the soul.  These are those.  Join us if you're called to do so - if these NEVER BEFORE SHARED ESSENCES beckon to your heart!

Each quarter will be an extraordinary pathway into the magic of light WITHIN YOU, guided into presence and discovery by these most precious essences.  I myself would not think of these as classes.  They're more like A SOULFUL DIVE deep into each essence  A RARE GIFT - A PRECIOUS SURPRISE - AND A MAGICAL UNVEILING . . . all designed to reveal something extraordinary and beautiful within YOU! 

COME - I'll guide you to them, and through them, in a really spell*binding way!  They are ENCHANTING . . and TRULY EXTRAORDINARY . . . as you will come to see! ;- ).

Take as many quarters as you like . . . each month will be new and different.  And, for these PRIVATE ESSENCES, they will only be revealed once in this way.  A STUNNING DISPLAY OF LIGHT . . . created just for you!  Let's begin!


Sometimes . . .

That which others are not yet ready to know,

Holds a special gift for THE CHOSEN FEW

Who wish to receive its soulful gifts.

YOU CHOOSE . . . if that is you.


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