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About that name . . . : -)???!?!

I'm often surprised by these sacred essences.  The Gifts they hold - the wisdoms they share - the frequencies of LIGHT they can unveil.  THIS ONE had me from the get go - whatever does that name mean?  And why was it chosen?  AND WHO IS SHE, after all . . . with a name like THAT??!?! :- )


Ohhhh, the magic.  It flows in mysterious ways here - and in spirit - and always and always within LIGHT.

You see, I was first stunned because ONENESS almost never uses the word NOT.  So that in itself was unusual - beguiling - perplexing even.  She explained herself to me this way . . . sometimes, it is easier to be understood by others - if you make it clear what YOU ARE NOT.  Though spirit does not define itself that way, for her purposes, it actually worked perfectly for introducing HER KNOWING OF LIGHT to the human being's paradigm.  Listen.  You'll see what she means.  And how it is - actually - quite a brilliant naming for her after all!  As, I'm quite certain, she ever knew! :- )

PREY NOT refers to this:  while expanding into your own true light - while discovering the ONENESS of LIGHT . . . it is important to LIVE WITHIN and ACCORDING TO your own light.  Especially - your own energy.  It is important TO ALLOW YOUR ENERGY STREAM COMING FROM WITHIN YOU - to be where the source of your own light and energy - including physical - is coming from.  If you are 'using' that of others - no matter the intent - it will continue to hold you OUTSIDE of the realm of oneness.  For example, if you continue to use A CRYSTAL or AN ESSENTIAL OIL or a plant like SAGE perhaps . . . or any other physical being, including another human being . . . to supply part of your own energy, or to ground or anchor you, or to create harmony or alignment within you - you are violated a sacred trust of ONENESS.  Which is this - you do not prey on the light field emanating from another.  YOURS is all you need.  And though you are - within the center of oneness - ONE BEING ONLY  . . .  the field which is designed to support you best is your own.  If you nurture it, cultivate it, and honor it - IT will be all you need.

While spiritual circles are replete with all aspects of physical beingness used to "give you the vibration you feel you need or seek" . . . the closer you get to ONENESS, the more you have to let go of that paradigm.  YOU MUST TRUST that what you need you have.  YOU MUST KNOW that your own light holds all the frequencies needed to sustain and nurture you.

As you enter ONENESS, continuing to use other beings to acclimate yourself or to augment your own vibration will cause a discrepancy between your field and that of oneness.  OWN YOUR LIGHT.  And nurture it into its true source of light for you.  PREY NOT on the vibrations of other sacred beings just to give you what you think you need or lack.  They are whole.  So are you.  This essence comes to remind you that . . . the deeper into oneness you go - the more you are all on your own.  Delightfully.  By Design.  IN wicked perfection of light.

Why does that matter?  Because . . . IN THE HEART OF ONENESS . . . THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT CAN ONLY BE REVEALED if you are wholly and only YOUR OWN TRUE LIGHT.  Lacing your vibration with elements taken from others to augment, smooth, strengthen or harmonize your own - keeps you outside.  They are unnecessary.  And does not honor those beings from within the field of oneness.

So remember as you expand that you will be using "LESS" tools - rather than more.  Always.  As you rely more truly on the knowing that all you need is already living inside you.  And you both know - and remember - that truth.  This essence comes to help you to live that knowing, which then expands your journey into oneness more deeply.  It's a magical thing.  PREY NOT - INDEED!  It's unnecessary.  and not the true you.THE YOU at THE CENTER OF LIGHT.

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