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"PRESENCE UNDONE" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"PRESENCE UNDONE" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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Ok, this is going to sound strange - but it is a most sacred part of the transformation into ONENESS.  At some point - perhaps several - along the way . . . your physical presence becomes undone.  This allows for a rebirth of your physical matrix, it changes your energy patterns from those you came to earth with INTO those you came to birth.  And it truly moves you into the space where . . . your NEW LIGHT BODY and ETHEREAL LIGHT FIELD can birth anew.

This time is holy - sacred - precious . . . and powerful.  This essence comes to help you remember - that even if the process leaves you feeling otherwise ;- )  . . . this is a time of perfection, freedom for the form, release of lower, denser vibratory essences which no longer serve you as you become more true . . . and hold in their center a seed of BEING MORE ALIVE than every before.

Trust this part of the journey - it is precious.  Potent, yes - I know it is.  But that's part of its charm - it can wholly unmake you.  And then you can learn just how powerfully, creatively and magically . .  . your soul knows how to be reborn into form.

Watch!  I've been there.  And I can tell you this - it is SACRED PRESENCE that beckons to you and is coming.  So honor the method and passageway it draws you into to receive its gift.  I did.  And nothing on earth is worth more to me than that now.  You'll feel the same - when all is said and done.

And you  have a friend - this essence to powerfully add a bright, beautiful, glow of light so you realize what perhaps seemed dark - is not.  It is, rather, one of the holiest things you'll ever know.  ENJOY!



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