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One must wonder . . . about the name . . . that term, radical.

Yet, it is perfect.  There are AWAKENINGS in the realm of light as you move closer into ONENESS - that are indeed radical.  There's no point hiding it - or, heaven forbid, trying to deny it.  It happens.  It's true.  Let's know it.

Those awakenings are like the extraordinary metamorphosis of the caterpillar - quite literally.   Because everything you are - is dissolved.  This ESSENCE comes to be A GUIDING LIGHT as you begin the magical work of discovering . . . THE TRUE YOU . . . once that radical awakening has spent its energy.  Likely, you are in shambles.  Physically.  Emotionally.  Even your life.  Not to worry.  That's the idea.  BOLD MOVEMENTS IN LIGHT leave nothing untouched.  If you had the energy, and could see from your soul, you'd celebrate the majesty of such events.  As a human being, well . . . they just look like defeat.

Yet, as every caterpillar knows . . . within the destruction and dissolution of all that you have known - and all that you are . . . is where true birth occurs.   For when there is nothing left . . . all has been taken from you or dissolved . . .THE LIGHT is what remains.  And, well . . . that IS where all the magic lies.  And, too, that is where . . . all YOUR POWER has always been held.

This ESSENCE comes to say, ok, broken and no part of you untouched by this huge storm of light . . . NOW IS THE TIME FOR REBIRTH.  I am here to guide you into the energies, vibrations and frequencies which ignite your LIGHT to create anew.  A new form, a new you, a new life.  Whatever your soul desires.  Whatever your ESSENCE truly comes to now express.

She is a magical guide, appearing when all seems to be lost - over - demised.  She says . . .  not quite.  THE LIGHT which is all that remains of you from who you were . . . is your greatest and truest power.  And now is the time to open yourself to the frequencies . . . which will help you to ignite that within yourself.  The process may be slow - but it IS magical.  And who knows . . . like the butterfly . . . you may find that all of who you were that seems to be lost - wasn't the real you anyway.  There was something more precious, more special, more gifted . . . waiting to be set free.

THIS ESSENCE COMES to invite that . . . you setting YOUR TRUE LIGHT FREE.  In a creative, soulfully present, and spiritual whole way.  And that, my dear friends, is ever . . . THE TRUEST MAGIC OF LIGHT.  Creating beauty, presence and beingness - from invisible threads of light.  Almost . . . as if nearly from thin air.  When all seems gone - lost - destroyed . . . enter THIS ESSENCE.  She has a remarkable ability to sense and to feel hidden sparks of light just waiting . . . to bloom  BIRTH ANEW.  Yes - that's her.  But POST RADICAL AWAKENING as her name reminds you . . . of this: what you have been through was not demise - it was awakening.  Remember that.  And then find so much more in the ashes left behind.  She'll LIGHT your way!

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