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A Path Of Fire.

What is It ? ? ?


This is the hallmark

Of A Most Sacred Path.


It is one that ignites within you A FLAME OF LIGHT

That is so bright - so powerful - so potent . . .

YOU are turned to ash in its wake.

Or so it might seem.


What I mean is this.

If you have begun a journey

Of spiritual opening, expansion and awakening,

And suddenly you are catapulted forward into THE DEEP END of the pool,

You may find yourself stunningly HERE.



This is a place where your gifts are flowing and spirit is calling,

A space where you are wholly immersed,

Even seemingly beyond your will . . .




And in the energies which transform us

As human physical beings



This is a powerful path.

And it is, too, a most sacred one.

YOUR SOUL or ESSENCE is joyful that the journey has commenced.

Your human self?  She might feel otherwise, to put it lightly.


This listing is for those of you

Who find yourselves opening into a path . . .

That seems in some way to be A PATH OF FIRE.


The energies are profound and intense.

The transformations are not always gentle,

And seem to come like waves, one right after the other.

You can hardly get your footing before "the next" spark of light commences.

It's exhausting.  It could be frustrating.  And it may seem . . . .never-ending.




So this listing comes to offer you a deep and potent revealing,

One that allows you to see THROUGH the fire . . .

To touch its purpose, feel its heart,

And acknowledge its sacred gifts.


GIFTS only you can uncover . . .

By honoring THE PATH



Wow - these times just come and take your breath away.  A PATH OF FIRE opening within you, and before you, leaves you breathless.  One part wonder - five parts dismay.  It's a wicked formula, that might be true, but it will WHOLLY call forth a most sacred transformation . . . OF YOU!

And it is this . . . TRANSFORMING YOU . . . that it comes to enact.  This is a powerful - AND POTENT! - creation energy.  As much as your SOUL believes you, your life, and your body can handle . . . will be released.  And it is not a slow and gentle spiral - it may SEEM slow, but you are being catapulted into higher frequencies and, simultaneously, deeper fears . . . than you likely ever even new existed.

And they will all be playing out, coming front and center, inside you and in your life.  Why?  WHY ON EARTH?!?!?!

Because . . . this is how you STEP INTO your TRUE ESSENCE.  This is how she can reveal to you secrets and gifts lurking so deep below the surface that you will never find them otherwise.  AND - this is how YOUR LIGHT shows itself to you when it is time to TRULY STEP ONTO THE PATH OF LIGHT . . . your soul truly came to earth to walk.  To embody.  TO ENACT.

You can say no - of course.  But doing so - just so you know! - does not give you back your old life.  You can never go back there, you can only move forward in some quasi-hybrid path of light that holds SOME of who you TRULY ARE . . . and SOME of your destiny or purpose to fulfill . . . but not all.  Likely - not even most.

All that you can embrace if you turn away . . . is a weaker, duller, less BRIGHT . . . PATH OF LIGHT.

Is that you?  Is that WHAT YOU ARE CHOOSING?  I didn't think so.

So this listing is OUR GIFT to you for those most powerful Storms Of Light that ignite something you never saw coming.  A bit like an earthquake or a volcano that sent signs it was on its way . . . but the tsunami which followed, no one knew would take form. Caught unawares, we can be tempted to give in - to say this is not what we intended.

But the truth is this:  YOUR SOUL or ESSENCE is enacting . . . THIS STORM.  THIS PATH OF FIRE.  And all you have to truly do is delve deeply into HER VOICE, HER WISDOM, HER LIGHT . . . to see it in a brand new way.  As something SACRED.  PROFOUND.  DEEP.  And LIFE ALTERING.  Yes, all of those.

AND to find your way forward within its power so that you TRULY DO RELEASE . . . ALL THE MAGICAL and MAJESTIC GIFTS . . . it is intended to hold for you.

THAT PATH OF FIRE?  It is A SACRED GIFT.  And A MAGICAL BLESSING.  Let's find that out for you, shall we?  So you can step into it with . . . PURE JOY!


Include any notes you like about your situation in your order as you check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be in touch by email with an inspired plan for CONNECTING with YOUR ESSENCE to find the hidden beauty, purpose and magic . . . of what is at play.  So that you can TRANSFORM into THE LIGHT BEFORE YOU . . . with a joyful - or at least a peaceful! - heart!


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