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SACRED CUSTOM Painted Canvas Mandalais - Created just for you!

SACRED CUSTOM Painted Canvas Mandalais - Created just for you!

$ 177.00

This is where you welcome something TRULY RARE * TRULY UNIQUE * TRULY YOU . . . into your life.

Beyond all thought of artistic paradigms and regulations . . . lives a boundless space.  The Very Space inhabited by your soul or essence, the center of your LIGHT.  Here, what ENLIVENS you is always known, always felt, always perceived.


This is a custom created


Designed to hold the very highest frequencies of LIGHT and LOVE that your soul or essence calls forth for you.  DEEPLY sacred.  POWERFULLY energetic.  SOULFULLY you.

We will be guided by your soul's essence to create A PAINTED MANDALAIS ON CANVAS just for you.  For your light, your energy, your heart, your soul, your path.

THE PERFECT LIGHT . . . in physical form.  A space of emanation will begin to take form from your piece.  And, once shipped to you and at home with you . . . it will shift and change.  THIS ART . . . well, it most certainly IS ALIVE.  And in the most Blessed Sense!  So listen to your inner voice, place the piece where it chooses to go, commune with it regularly . . . and watch as IT GROWS AND EXPANDS in its light, its hues, its energy . . . as it becomes a constant CO*CREATION with your soul.

Living Light.  YES - these are.  And one can be yours, created just for you.  They take the same shape, generally . . . what I call THE SACRED FLOWER OF LIGHT.

Please allow us the time to complete this project to your soul's specifications.   Seven weeks is a typical timeframe. 

Some things, indeed . . .
Are ever worth the wait! ;- )
ENJOY their meaning, their energy.  And most importantly, their POWERFUL MAGIC to transform you and your life.  Into all you hope to be true.

Mandalais - what are they?  They're a variation of the word mandalas, given to me by the creation itself.  The word itself means Mandy's Light.

And these creations are EVER completely that.  My Soul is the artist - my human self doesn't know how.  And that seems to be the point!



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