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"Opening The Channel . . . For Inner Knowing" - A CHARMED CLASS

"Opening The Channel . . . For Inner Knowing" - A CHARMED CLASS

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Wow - what can I say?!?!  This is one of my favorite topics - to explore, to teach, to live.  Why?  Because it single-handedly puts us in touch with that part of ourselves meant to guide us through this life.  In truth?  If you do this - you need nothing else.  REALLY.  It's that simple.  And it's that profound.

While we all have moments where we seem to feel something deeper or truer within us guiding our choices or actions . . . most often we are guided by our mind.  First.  Last.  Foremost.  And yet, there are ENTIRE SPECTRUMS OF WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE and INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY . . . that simply are not available to our mind.  It exists in a higher vibration than our brain can hold - at least until and unless we are adept at existing in ONENESS.  All ancient civilizations have known this.  As, too, does the natural world we live within.

Still, our default as modern human beings seems to most often be - our mind.  Yet - our best decisions do not originate from there.  And our truest wisdoms cannot even be held or understood there.  So if we are operating in that limited paradigm, we are just that - LIMITED.  By our own selves.

This class invites you to take a new approach.  And it offers you some fun, exciting and truly enjoyable ways to begin opening the channel within you - to your truest, wisest self.  Here, your inner knowing can begin to blossom and bloom, like a spectacular inner garden of wisdom you simply forgot was there.

Come - the garden is alive with light and magic and spirit - and your truest, deepest knowledge.  Isn't it time you began living from within those gifts?  They're yours.  They simply await you - to discover, to accept, and to embrace them.  This class will show you how and help you to begin that journey.  From there . . . you are - truly - LIMITLESS!

Why be anything else?!

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