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"Opening . . . So You Can Truly Live" - A CHARMED CLASS

"Opening . . . So You Can Truly Live" - A CHARMED CLASS

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Believe it or not, OPENING - EXPANDING - TRANSFORMING . . . occurs first, and foremost, within our hearts.  Our Mind then joins the process and our body can follow suit.

BUT THE BEGINNING - THE STELLAR MOMENT OF BIRTH of a newer, brighter, more expanded you - will always begin in YOUR HEART.  Why?  Because, in truth, when all is said and done . . . THIS IS WHERE OUR TRUE - REAL - and ONLY POWER exists.

This class is designed to help you begin taking the steps that will allow you to truly OPEN your higher connections with YOUR ESSENCE and the higher vibrations of life.  And why?  So that you can transform - and within that transformation - begin TRULY LIVING.

What does that look like?  Powerful purpose, enchanting joy, and something a bit more ethereal . . . THE SOUL'S BLISS.  If you've never experienced that - or are not currently living it - then you are in for quite a surprise!  WE are created to be blissful beings.  And we are designed to live OUR SOUL'S TRUEST LIFE.

When we open ourselves to receive those gifts, those "surprises", those new pathways for our life . . . we truly do discover A PEACE and A HAPPINESS that defies explanation.  Why?  Because it is utterly independent of the world around you.  It comes forth entirely from within you.

And - best of all? - nothing can shake it.

Yes, life here on earth is easy . . . when we are TRULY LIVING IT!


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