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A sacred essence, this one is truly special.  She escorts you into - and onto - hallowed ground.  There are times and spaces as we open to more of OUR TRUEST LIGHT - that which can only be found IN THE CENTER OF ONENESS - when we are called upon to shine brightly.  To be a beacon of light unlike any other.  To speak truths not often spoken.  To lay on the ground something bold and beautiful - clear and bright - that wishes to be seen.

Why?  Because our purpose here is not TO BE LOVED.  Our purpose here is . . . TO LOVE.  To the very highest degree and purity and frequency we can hold.  Sometimes that asks a lot of us.  Sometimes . . . that asks us to know that what we give may not be well-received.  Sometimes . . . we have to accept that this is about THE LIGHT - and being an act of LOVE - more than it is about us.

In those times, we are asked to be A RAY OF LIGHT that can open a vibrational doorway.  And so we do.  But this essence knows that when you do that - quite often, perhaps even more often than not - that BRIGHT LIGHT is going to be met or to encounter a heart that appears to be closed.  Closed to your true intent.  Closed to the gift you are bringing and trying to give.  Closed to the truer and higher purpose of the engagement.

She comes to remind you . . . that is part of the plan.  She comes to remind you . . . that you are dedicated to THE LIGHT and TO BEING TRUE.  She comes to remind you that all you can truly control or impact IS HOW TRUE AND PURE YOU LIVE YOUR OWN LIGHT - and how purely you give that gift to others.  Every other piece of the puzzle, every other part of the equation, is not up to you.  Nor - truly - any of your business.

This Essence knows that LIGHT does not turn away from what appears to be a closed heart.  THE HEART ITSELF is open and receiving.  It is the mind - and its fear, its pain, its judgment - which seems to be there and to have closed the heart.  But the heart cannot be closed.  So give your light.  Know that it seeps into the garden of light of the soul - where it will work its magic in ways you may never see or know.  Give your gifts.  Live Truly.  And be at peace.  IF YOU GIVE ALL OF YOUR LOVE - and do so without fear - you've done the highest act of LIGHT.  Trust that.  And be at peace.

THE HEART and THE SOUL will take it from there.  THE GARDEN OF LIGHT within any being is tended by  its essence.  And the gardener always wins.  :- )

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