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"ONE EARTH, ONE LIGHT" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"ONE EARTH, ONE LIGHT" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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The question becomes, as we move through the energies which help us to birth - and to live as - OUR TRUEST SELF . . . how to bridge the gap between the ONENESS OF LIGHT we are moving more deeply  towards and hopefully into - and the reality of the world we live in.

This Essence comes with a potent knowing.  One you can choose to make your own, that will allow you to truly embrace the fullest, most complete metamorphosis into your purest heart of light.  That Knowing?  It is this:  THE WORLD YOU SEE . . . changes as your vibration rises.  In the beginning, and for each of us, much of the journey forward in our rising vibrations . . . will SEEM to create a large differential between THE WORLD WE are growing and expanding into - and the truths of the world we live in and see.

Because WE CHANGE, the world we see around us changes as our vibration shifts.  For this reason, there is really no "GAP" to bridge.  It's more a case of realizing and remembering throughout your journey - and, especially, as the path nears the deeper realms of light as you approach PURE ONENESS . . . that everything seen from a space outside of oneness holds illusion.

This is hard for us sometimes - but it is ever true.  You can prove it to yourself.  Look at something in the world.  And then, raise your vibration quantumly - go much higher in your own LIGHT.  Once there - look at the same thing.  SEE IT AS YOU DID BEFORE - AND SEE IT AS IT APPEARS TO YOU NOW.  The very same thing will appear different to you.

Why?  Because THE TRUTH of any moment can only really be seen from THE HEART OF ONENESS.  The higher your vibration goes, the more of the real, pure TRUTH of anything you can - and will - see.  So along the way, as you are intentionally moving forward, going and expanding from here to there . . . remember that as you change your vibration, the truths of what you see change, too.

You will find . . . that there is actually NO GAP.  You will come to see . . . that the differentials  all appear because of the viewpoint and vantagepoint from which they are being seen.  You will come to know that . . . everything but LIGHT is part of the filter which changes your perception.  Think of it as a pair of sunglasses you can put  on that makes everything appear pink.  or blue.  or purple.  If you change the filter between YOU and WHAT YOU ARE SEEING . . . you change what you see, the way it looks, AND THE TRUTH OF ITS BEING as it appears to you.

This is a powerful truth.  And this essence comes to help you to give it a sovereign space in your heart as you expand.  It helps to remove the struggle between the inner realm of light - and the outer world which appears so different.  Only one is real.  Your heart lives in that one.  The rest is a differential in vibration which creates a view . . . .that can change.

Remember that.  She will help you to ingrain that knowing into your own viewpoints as you expand.  And that, my sweet friends, is more of a gift than you know!  For it soothes your heart, smooths your wonderings, and helps you to accept for yourself . . . YOUR TRUEST REALITY.  WITHIN and WITHOUT.  A magical essence this is - you'll see!


Allow me to introduce you to This Sacred Essence.



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