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"ON WINGS OF GRACE" - Phoenix Rose Essence Of Light

"ON WINGS OF GRACE" - Phoenix Rose Essence Of Light

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This Essence breathes
NEW LIFE - and LIGHT - into your world. 

Suddenly, what was cloudy appears clear - bright - crisp.  Whether we believe it to be true - or not - every potentiality always exists, in every moment, and in every situation.  THIS ESSENCE raises the frequency within you to a vibration that allows you to see from that higher space, that more elevated view - and realize what was there, potential in the raw, staring back at you all along.

This is not a feel*good essence.  This is TRANSFORMATION.  Be ready to BE LIFTED UP - into a higher viewpoint of life, and light, than you have ever encountered or embraced before.  Here, your thoughts, your beliefs, even your knowings . . . will all begin to fall away.  In their place will come a blazing light of new ways of seeing, and new ways of living, in this world.  Your world itself will change - and will move in an amazing way - to meet your destiny.  That movement?  The expansion of your conscious self to meet the higher states of being your ESSENCE holds inside you.

In the end, though swirls and twirls will engage you into the process of leaving the old you - and the old realm - behind . . . you will feel as if you are LIFTED UP ON UNSEEN WINGS.  Those wings are powerful, strong, unlike anything you have ever seen or encountered.  They won't let you go - they are that potent.  The higher you go, the less the old you and the old world seems real.  In its place - a whole new, transformed beauty of light awaits you.

Yes, you will be asked to leave all that was behind - do so.  It isn't scary.  It isn't even hard.  It's just not what we expect.  THE TRANSFORMATIONS OF LIGHT which the phoenix comes to guardian you into . . . are unlike any experienced on earth.  These are soulful births of light.  They elevate you - the physical you - into a brand new field of life.  One where you exist in growing harmony to the coming vibrations of Light - ONENESS and the embrace of WHO WE TRULY ARE.

The journey is magical.  It is, too, quite powerful.  It invites you to do this:  REALLY SEE the full strength and power of THE LIGHT which awaits you in the center of your being.  YOUR TRUEST LIGHT.

This Essence - "ON WINGS OF GRACE" - comes to escort you through the portals of your soul, to begin seeing with . . . SACRED SIGHT.

Come.  It's Time.  Your journey will be unique - rare - and wholly  your own.  For me?  It was the thing I was willing to give anything to take and to make.  And I'm sooooo glad I did.  It was worth everything.  And I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  Yet, that's the hidden beauty of these alchemical journeys into oneness - once you go . . . you never need ever do it again.  You stay there - IN THE CENTER OF LIGHT - profoundly changed and transformed . . . into YOUR TRUE LIGHT.  Something you will never, ever forget - or forsake - for the rest of your life.

It's that good.  That powerful.  That true.



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