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"NUMERICAL SEQUENCE (OF LIGHT)" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"NUMERICAL SEQUENCE (OF LIGHT)" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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A powerful presence, THIS SACRED ESSENCE comes . . . to give a very precious, very special, very rare GIFT.  The harmonics of IGNITION.

You see, as you begin the journey of light, it is at once - a sacred, spiritual thing - and, A VERY PHYSICAL THING.  It is an ever flowing stream of energy with infinite combinations and encodings of LIGHT - vibrations designed especially for your own, personal, unique - and very rare - awakening.  THE GOAL of  that awakening is always ONENESS.  And - not just oneness - but the destiny of LIVING FROM THE HEART OF ONENESS.

However you get there is less of the point, than that you embrace the journey as your soul designs and creates it.  Uniquely yours - powerfully rare - deeply, intimately personal.

Yet, confounding to some as they journey deeper into LIGHT - is this:  there is, actually and truly, one embedded sequence of light that is always the same.  It lives and breathes, and can be found nesting - and nestled - beneath all  the other infinite combinations of vibrations . . . which help YOU particularly to AWAKEN into ALL OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE in your own very special and unique way.

This ever-present, always the same energy path . . . is A NUMERICAL SEQUENCE OF LIGHT.  Vibrations that do indeed stair-step in a  specific way, ever closer to the realms which will plunge you into THE HEART OF ONENESS.  These - are non-negotiable.  They are not interchangeable.  They cannot be opted into or out of as your journey goes along.  You will stay where you are - no matter how many other vibrations of light your path births around and within you in the meantime . . . until you step into the NEXT SEQUENCE OF LIGHT.

And, here's the funny thing.  You don't get to know what they are.  No map is given.  You simply have to trust that what comes before you is ever-beckoning to you on the journey . . . from within the depths of ONENESS.  If there is something - anything - that you are resisting, it will keep circling back to you . . . until you get its fully illuminated truth.  So that you can step into the next vibration on this rainbow scale which reflects your own inner frequency.

Tuning forks aside, you can only vibrate as high as you are willing to release your fears - and your attachments - to the current form of things.  Of everything.  Your life - your body - the world around  you.

This Essence comes to powerfully clear the channel within you allowing you to more deeply and fully FEEL AND SENSE . . . the harmonics of ignition which will propel you to the threshold of oneness.  She feels your sense of life swirling in all its vibrations - and she clears the field so you can listen more deeply, perceive more truly - and open your heart more completely . . . TO BEHOLD and TO EMBRACE the purest sequence of light at the core of your awakening.

This makes the journey more beautiful, because you see its undying harmony and its ever-present, eternal purpose of presenting LOVE to you iin all its magical - and sometimes hidden forms.

This is a powerful essence.  Commit to your process of soulfully becoming true as you welcome her into your realm.  Then follow where she leads, because the surprising thing is this:  most of what appears at times to be "wrong" in your world is actually - a hidden blessing or gift.  A moment of transformation, cloaked in alchemy. This essence helps you to see the deeper purpose . . . . hidden beneath the veils of events in your life.  So that you too can joyfully and with deep, soulful delight . . . embrace THE HARMONICS OF LIGHT coming to carry you forward now.

She's a gift.  As are you.  Together?  Dreams can come true! ;- )




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