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11 "NIP & TUCK - METAMORPHOSIS" Sacred Essence Blend for Lymes

11 "NIP & TUCK - METAMORPHOSIS" Sacred Essence Blend for Lymes

$ 33.00

Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences

Infuse your life with frequencies of Light and Love

Rarely encountered in this realm.

This ESSENCE is called "NIP & TUCK . . . METAMORPHOSIS".  It is a very special potion, inspired for those who are facing the powerful transformations of body, mind, and soul - which LYMES brings into their lives.

It was inspired by my soul, guided by a family member's spirit, and birthed into materiality over a 3 year period.  Everything about it is:  SIMPLE, yet potent.  ETHEREAL, yet physical.  And TRANSFORMATIVE beyond our imaginations.  It moves through the energy field of your body to work its beauty and magic at the perfect centers of your Light Field.

It is not designed to disable LYMES.  Rather, to create a magical, potent alignment between the realms of your being, so that the physical matrix of your form can transform in the highest of ways.  LYMES - as brutal a force as it is - comes with a purpose.  The first step in the journey of uncovering the gifts it holds for you is  . . . ALIGNMENT between all the fields of the body - physical, energetic, and ethereal.

Lymes is a potent, and powerful force.  So, too, is this blend.  Part of a very select group of creations, The Celestiava Potions Of Light, open doorways and pathways into YOUR INNER BEING.  Here, harmony and wisdom reign.  Reconnecting them to your physical form is always a potent thing.

May anyone with LYMES be blessed to reveal its hidden gifts for them, embrace the transformation it brings, and restore a sense of honor and harmony to their physical form.  The journey THROUGH LYMES is a powerful thing.  Yet, it most truly does hold spiritual elements.  Uncovering those frees your body to take on a new alignment from the depths of your being.  And that is where all true wellness can be found.  LYMES is a transformative force.  This blend is designed to help you harness and embrace TRUE TRANSFORMATION within yourself.  So that you can move through this time with the inner knowing that . . . their is some purpose to be fulfilled.  There is some gift or blessing to be revealed.  There is some peace yet before you to be unveiled.

This essence is a tribute to someone I love.  Someone who has survived far more than any human being should.  Someone who has powerfully moved through a transformation most would never embrace.  Someone who, I believe, has gone through the worst of life . .. to reveal something beautiful to us all. 

Blessed Be.

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