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Moonglow Mandalais (Wood) 02

Moonglow Mandalais (Wood) 02

$ 333.00

Ohhhh, the magic!

These came and summoned me.  No - I MEAN IT!  Quite literally - I was summoned.

To go and gather supplies - but who knew what for?!?!?!  Things I had no idea how to use or what I was doing, things I had no training or knowledge - OR INTEREST! - in exploring.  I went.  I gathered.  They sat.  And sat.  And sat some more.

Somewhere between the waves of barfing and migraines - a tell tale sign  OF LIGHT if ever there was one :- ) . . . THE VEILS PARTED.  My Mandalais were seeking, shall we say . . . a bigger canvas.  no more notepad paper and colored pencils - they were about to take on a whole new life.

And that's what they did.  

They introduced me to these special wonders, created all by hand - at the direction of the MANDALAIS ITSELF.  These are wholly vibrational and energetic presences.  Colors are chosen and placed by the creation - not by me and certainly not for aesthetics.  Leave your fine art judgment at the door, these are PURE RAW CREATION - by design.  You do not fit them into some mold you've been taught.  Rather, you allow them to run free - and teach you the power of healing and light which all of creation holds.  These are ours. 


Moonglow Mandalais . . .

So named because before a single drop of mandalais color touches them, they are first painted with a background that . . . struck me when I stepped back and truly looked at it . . .  to be BEAUTIFUL MOONLIGHT.  And they glow!  Sitting in my studio awaiting "THE REAL CREATION", they themselves beckoned and shimmered and taught me far more than you could ever imagine about . .  . waiting.  About THE PAUSE.  And about just how powerful a tiny bit of shimmer without color CAN REALLY BE.

We create several sizes of these (18", 24", 36") , and they are potent, magical things.  The very first one I was guided to make was wild!!!!!!!!!  I later came to understand she was CHAOS.  All of creation, all of rebirth anew, begins with chaos in some form.  The Stars.  The Planets.  Our Bodies. 

It's all the same - the wild, free-flowing energy of LIGHT. 
IN all its forms.

These can be used as tabletops, but they also make MAGICAL, WONDROUS PORTALS OF ENERGY when hung on a wall in just the right spot.  They, too, are also THE MOST DIVINE CREATION you may ever find for crystal gridding layouts, sacred tarot and divination readings, as well as for POTENT healing and creation energies for sacred water and essence creations.  Not to mention . . . if you keep SACRED SPACE or an altar for your focused intention, sacred creations, or childlike play.  These become an IGNITION OF LIGHT for whatever you place around them - including yourself!

 In a word -

They are for whatever


That beckons to you.



Perhaps most profoundly,


This vortex of LIGHT ITSELF which This Sacred Mandalais holds . . .

The magic and wonder held in this creation

Which will then MIRROR that same


Into you!

And, yes, there is real power in having one created just for you (if you don't find yours here, just waiting for you :- )).  IT will completely be a creation that will express and enact and call forth . . . YOUR OWN HIGHEST INNER LIGHT.  And that's not something you experience every day from something you buy online, now is it?  Well . . . THAT IS   what happens here, lol! ;- )

Some of these, most even, may yet await some final touches.  I suspect . . . they will choose those once YOU HAVE CHOSEN THEM.  Your Mandalais will ship when complete.  And then THE MAGIC WILL REALLY BEGIN!!!



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