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"Meet & Greet" - A CHARMED CLASS

"Meet & Greet" - A CHARMED CLASS

$ 77.77

This class is dedicated to ROSA, a very special cat.

She inspired it - and cleared my appointment calendar to be sure I created it when she was ready for it to be created.  Her inner power is unmistakable - yet, her physical self seems wholly to have forgotten that part of herself.

ROSA comes to invite you to learn a bit about animals.  Specifically the creatures we share our lives with.  She lives with a human family.  And when they brought home another cat - without her permission, she says! :- ) - then difficulties ensued.

But, believe it or not, the behavior issues and family tensions are not actually about THE NEW CAT member.  NOT REALLY.  They are a request - an invitation, if you will - from ROSA's soul.  The invitation is issued so that we, as humans, can understand more fully how animal/human families work.  And how to create harmony where there appears no chance of it taking hold.

This class takes you on a magical journey where you discover JUST WHAT happens when a new being joins your family.  Believe me when I say, you don't want to be without this wisdom! ;- )

Thanks, Rosa.  You are a force of love to be reckoned with,  no doubt.  AS are we all! 

Enjoy!  You will never see your animal companions - your own human family - or the interactions between you in quite the same way again.  AND THAT IS EVER A GOOD THING!

* * * And, as with all our classes, you can add on a DEEPEN THE JOURNEY option to your class.  This gives you more time, more knowledge, and more guidance for unfolding, unveiling and integrating the wisdoms of this class to your own personal situation.  Just add it to your cart - once you have signed up for a class - any time you wish, and as many times as you like.  DEEPENING THE JOURNEY is my favorite listing  in the entire shoppe - because it allows you to truly APPLY the wonderful gifts given here . . . to your own unique and individual situation, with guidance and illumination for doing so.  * * *


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