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"MARRIAGE OF LIGHT" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"MARRIAGE OF LIGHT" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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Well . . . what's this?

You're on a solitary, spiritual journey designed - intentionally - to move you into THE REALM OF ONENESS as your frequency moves into its stratosphere.  And yet - here is an essence - about something that is not just about you?  How on earth - or in heaven :- ) - is that ever going to work?!?!?!

Well - frankly - magically so.

You see, as much as THIS SPIRITUAL JOURNEY of raising your frequencies into the space that can step into THE LIGHT OF ONENESS . . . is a deeply personal - and individual one . . . some who take that path ARE actually already married.  Lo - and behold - what to do?

Just try to get your partner to traverse the expansions you are, in the same time frame and in a similiar way - just try . . .  and watch the universe laugh at your silliness.  You see, you KNOW that the only power you have - is to change yourself.  To expand your own vibration.  So why even HAVE an essence about marriage at all - on such a singular, intensely personal transformation sojourn?

Here's why.  Because . . . as you change - others change in relation to you.  They may not want to - they may resist - they may not like it.  YOU CANNOT CHANGE OTHERS.  But in changing yourself, you automatically have shifted an element of the equation - and all related elements then shift in some way in response.  It's easy to understand - it's the physics of light. Now, the resultant response or change in "another" may not be what you hoped or were looking for or even dreaming of.  That's not the point.

The point is this:  a marriage - like any relationship - is a living thing.  It's  not static.  It cannot be.  So as you yourself expand in your vibrations, as you move through and embrace the transformations which allow you to expand spiritually, and as you consciously choose to take the journey to awaken into the energies of oneness within yourself - your marriage changes.  IT CAN'T . . . NOT.

This Essence comes as a beautiful - and believe me, when I say, potent - reminder to you that you are the cause of much you see shifting around you.  It's wise to not judge such changes as good or bad, positive or negative - they are all simply a part of the dance which reveals to you - ultimately -  your own center light.

This Essence comes to bring you great clarity for seeing beyond the shifts and ebbs and flows which THE LIGHT awakening in you brings forth into a marriage.  There is no escaping the impacts - you cannot cocoon the marriage away from the energies you are knowingly embracing - and you cannot control how your partner responds nor integrates - or doesn't - those same energies. 

All you CAN DO - is trust the light.  TRUST . . . that love is all about revealing HIGHER EXPRESSIONS OF THE SAME.  And to realize that . . . A MARRIAGE OF LIGHT requires the most sacred of commitments - first and foremost - to yourself.  TO BE ALL OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE.  When you have that completed :- ), then you can turn your attention to "the other".  Until then, consider your soul to be constantly, beautifully and perfectly . . . busy crafting the highest most sacred marriage of light possible.  And consider your partner's soul to be engaged in the same soulful practice.

I kid you not - it will likely appear to be anything BUT THAT going  on in your marriage as you begin the steps of awakening into oneness.  But that's the magic - and part of what this essence comes to reveal . . . the story isn't over until you complete your journey.  And if you're not there yet - neither is your partner.  So let the dance take its turns and swirls and twirls.  GAZE HONESTLY into what the storms and transformations reveal, allowing them to rise to the surface from the murky hidden depths of what you did not know was there.

This essence comes to remind you . . . A MARRIAGE OF LIGHT is an alchemical thing.  ALLOW . . . THE ALCHEMY.  It is sacred.  It is divine.  It cannot be controlled - nor even truly understood - until ONENESS is where you are living.  Trust every moment from now until then - from here until there.  INDEED!

She will guide you to clear, soulful sight . . . beautiful, magical revelations . . . and a deep  engaging peace that allows you to ever know this:  THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS AS THEY SEEM.

So let them play out - and allow the dance to finish.  And be sure your every breath from now until then . . . is coming from your very highest vibration.  So that YOUR PART of the transformation of your marriage . . . holds YOUR HIGHEST LOVE.  YOUR TRUEST LIGHT.  YOUR MOST SOULFUL WISDOM.  This Essence comes to guide you to do just that - and to show you how.  She is precious - she is rare - she is oh so powerful.  FEARLESS . . . is the word that comes to mind!

Are you?




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