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Mandalais on Canvas #009

Mandalais on Canvas #009

$ 777.00

These precious MANDALAIS are painted on canvas.

They embody THE PURE FREQUENCY of creation.  That space where STARS are born . . . where whispers move into magical materialization of something more . .  . and, perhaps most importantly, the space of OUR DEEPEST, TRUEST INNER MAGIC.

Each one of these created itself.  Colors were chosen blind - meaning, without knowing what the color was until it was opened, paint brush in hand, ready myself to begin THE JOURNEY of DISCOVERING what was coming forth from beyond on that day.

It's strange how they all end up with some inner dictate of harmony - and, so far, each one painted has not duplicated a single color of paint.  I have a full set of magical colors.  Once used, they were set aside while I was creating these.

They are potent.  You can feel the energy vibrating from within them and coming off the piece when you behold it before you.  The paints have a subtle glimmer to them, catching the light in just the right way, when something shimmery passes by.  Oh yes.  These are magical.  That I painted them leaves me in awe.  They are, to you, perhaps childlike and simple - I don't see that as a bad thing.  THEY HOLD PURE RAW ENERGY - PURE LIGHT - and that energy of love pervades the space they are in.

For example,
My friend in the image below . . . was called THE UGLY DUCKLING.
 Yet - look at her - she discovered something MAGICAL INSIDE HERSELF . . ..
She's actually . . .  THE BEAUTIFUL ONE!
These canvas mandalais
Release that kind of power in your life.

I invite you to really connect with these and see how they make you feel.  Discern what sacred message they carry for you.  For make no mistake . . . they are MESSENGERS.  Of the truest kind.  Carrying TREASURES of LIGHT AND LOVE AND MAGIC . . . into your heart.

Do you believe in MIRACLES?

You will.

;- )

Enjoy!  And blessed be!


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