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Mandalais #011

Mandalais #011

$ 7.77

These precious MANDALAIS are each embedded with a very special energy frequency.

Each one vibrates to a particular condition of the human aspect of life that can veer out of balance, creating disharmony and deterioration.  Choose the one(s) you are drawn to.  These are all, by design, in their raw form - untouched and unblended in any way.  They carry the pure, raw energy of wholeness . .  . and reminds your whole being of that very pure vibration it may have forgotten or not felt for quite some time.

Upon purchase, your mandalais is available for immediate download.  You receive a digital JPG file of the original colored pencil mandalais, which came and revealed itself to hold the perfect harmonic frequencies which help to reset the body and to calm the mind and to heal the heart.

Once you have downloaded the file, you may print it out or keep it on  your desktop computer as a backdrop.  For even deeper participation in expanding your body deeper into new states of harmony and wholeness - wellness - you may choose to print this out, and make copies very lightly.  Then color over in your own choice of colors - as guided - or color using the same frequencies which the mandalais itself revealed for health and well-being.

You may use these continually, and over and over again, to raise the frequency and vibration of all aspects of your being - especially your body and mind.  Talk about taking control of your well-being!  These are that path.

These are sacred tools of wonder.  Use them well, and wisely.  Always remembering that they are tied to the very center of SOURCE and FIRST LIGHT.  Thus, they are potent, magical creations.  LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE OF WISDOM - and The Mandalais itself will guide you how to receive the greatest blessings from its presence within the deepest harmony for you.

These are precious.  They are potent.  They are different than MANDALAS.  And they come to reveal a new power within all of life.  THAT OF REMEMBERING WHOLENESS.

Every time someone I knew or loved faced a new profound struggle - be it in their bodies or in their hearts - A NEW MANDALAIS in this series would come.  I have intentionally only put THE NAME on one of them.  The greater magic of the soul is fulfilled when you trust your own inner being.  So the one you are drawn to is the one which holds THE BEST and MOST PERFECT FREQUENCY for you. 

Some seem unfinished . . . that is by design.  Think of it as . .  A WORK IN PROCESS . . . just like you! ;- )  We have so many of these . . . but we're beginning with the very first ones that came.  And will add to the collection online over time.  For years now they have been held in sacred trust.  A new way of . . . restoring your own inner, and outer, vitality and well-being.  One stroke at a time.  Or as simply as looking at the design in its raw state - or even, as some do!, sleeping with it underneath your pillow.  Magic looms . . . are you ready?  A Secret is about to be revealed.

Enjoy!  And blessed be!


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