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Sacred Wooden Mandalais - CUSTOM

$ 44.00

If you feel drawn to these sacred creations - and wish to have one made ESPECIALLY FOR YOU or for SOMEONE SPECIAL . . . we love making these for those who resonate to them.

They are like having YOUR SOUL'S PUREST SONG PLAYING IN THE ETHERS AROUND YOU 24/7.  For those who are sensitive to the presence of spirit, these are a profound and soothing energy.  For those going through energetic and soulful transformations, these are that rock of a guiding light that will anchor, expand, and release energies in accordance with your highest path. 

And for newborn souls or children of light . . .oh, these are precious.  To have close by to them THEIR BLUEPRINT OF LIGHT in its chosen matrix of color and light and form . . . that's not just a gift.  It's A MIRACLE FOR THEM.

Whatever LIGHT, LOVE and MAGIC chooses to flow from spirit to earth for your piece . . . we will receive.  The mandalais flower of LIGHT itself will be wholly unique - and entirely a blueprint conveyed deeply and only for you.

And it will be soulfully embedded within your custom creation - colors, vibrations, and shimmers chosen only for you. 

We'll dance with spirit at its highest realms . . .

To create THE PERFECT ONE just for you

Or someone you love!


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