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MAGICAL PHOTOGRAPH - Spirit Of Water 675

MAGICAL PHOTOGRAPH - Spirit Of Water 675

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You would NOT believe the energy there that day.  Right before I took this photograph, I kept touching my arm to see who was there.  No.  REALLY.  I did.  More than once.

Finally, I looked off in the distance, a bit over my shoulder, and realized . . . what was "TOUCHING" me came not from right beside me.  There was this long, tendril of white light extending across the water towards me, there, on the shore.

Am I the only one who FINDS A POTENT, SACRED ANALOGY IN THAT?! !?! ;- )

As I turned around, I heard - TAKE ME.  I had no idea what that meant, but as if guided by some invisible force, my hand came up and snapped this image.  And a few more.  I don't position my shots, I don't fix my settings.  I never know what adjustments I should make.  I don't try or strive or work for angles of lighting.  Quite simply - I PLAY at photography.  And I am coming to suspect . . . THAT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE! 

The other pictures I took after this one were breathtaking - truly, they take your breath away at how the light sparkles on the water look like crisp, brilliantly shining diamonds.  But this one - this first one - it caught something.  The energy where THE BECKONING PRESENCE was held.  On the opposite end of the water.  I was so touched by the energy revealed in this picture, I chose it to be offered first.  The others perhaps are more striking in their BRIGHT LIGHT MAGIC, a display of magic in anyone's book.  But this . . . it feels as if it holds within it something truly rare.  Special.  Never seen.

I'm happy I was there that day.  Happier still that I don't know enough about photography to think there is a right and wrong way to do what I do.  The natural world and I, well . . . its invisible beings have entered this dance with me.  AND I LET THEM LEAD!  As you can see . . . :- )




You will be purchasing one digital JPEG-file photograph in its original resolution.  Our magical photographs are raw, original, and untouched.  If the energy and magic of life touches you in a special way, you'll find the sparkles and glimmers quite profound in each of these.  AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.  There is most definitely MAGIC AFOOT around here!

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