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MAGICAL PHOTOGRAPH - Mountain Magic 816

MAGICAL PHOTOGRAPH - Mountain Magic 816

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This is taken at a very special place.  I love it there.  You feel so tucked in the embrace of MOTHER EARTH.  A Womb that truly does hold incredible - and immense - MAGIC.

For us, the weather was very iffy and we almost did not go to our special place.  But, at the last minute, my husband took a spontaneous, inspired turn - and before we knew it, were were there.

As I got out and wandered down to the water's edge, I felt something . . . shimmering in the distance.  I was told to take some pictures.  But of what, I wondered !? ?! ?  No matter, as I began taking pictures, moving here and there as guided in the moment, in this incredible and powerful dance with the unseen . . . I began seeing it take form.

That was the magic that day, you see.  At least, a tiny slice of it :- ) that I'm willing to speak about in the open among normal folk :- ).  The magic THAT DAY was that I was invited to STEP FULLY into the utter unknown - taking photographs of something beckoning, something I could not see, something I could sense but without any boundary or identity.

I followed that shimmer.  And look what was there!


You will be purchasing one digital JPEG-file photograph in its original resolution.  Our magical photographs are raw, original, and untouched.  If the energy and magic of life touches you in a special way, you'll find the sparkles and glimmers quite profound in each of these.  AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.  There is most definitely MAGIC AFOOT around here!

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