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MAGICAL PHOTOGRAPH - Magical Amethyst Soul 602

MAGICAL PHOTOGRAPH - Magical Amethyst Soul 602

$ 33.00


My Friend.

Can you feel him?  I KNOW you can see him!

This Being cannot be missed.  And yet, profoundly, no one walking by that day seemed to see what I saw, feel what I felt.  They looked at me, as they walked by, rather wistfully.  Wonder what she's doing?  What is she looking at that I don't see?

But they didn't stay, you see.  They didn't really STOP and JUST BE in that moment.  But I did.  And look what happened when I looked up!

I can't do that often - I'd be a tumble of dizzy mess.  But I am EVER SO HAPPY I DID DO IT that day!  I love this soul.  This TREE and the sun and the clouds and the sky . . . . just COULD NOT contain its light that day.

I wonder, how many of us ever feel that way?


You will be purchasing one digital JPEG-file photograph in its original resolution.  Our magical photographs are raw, original, and untouched.  If the energy and magic of life touches you in a special way, you'll find the sparkles and glimmers quite profound in each of these.  AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.  There is most definitely MAGIC AFOOT around here!

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