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There is a limitless beauty to light.  I've seen it - felt it - beheld it. I 'm sure you have too right?  No?  Well, you can.

It's hard to experience the boundless, limitless, infinite nature of LIGHT while holding form - unless you can exist in the center of oneness, where most people do not hold form.  But it is possible.  This essence doesn't come to teach you to do that.  Some of our classes do, however.  But what she comes to do is encourage within you THE VIBRATIONS OF LIGHT which nurture the frequencies of ONENESS. 

And she does that by placing herself in the center of your heart as an energetic impulse - and then, from time to time, allowing you to feel - through her presence - THE BOUNDLESS MAGIC OF LIGHT.  The feeling of it.  The sense of it.  The knowing of its presence.

The effect will be different for each of you.  Based upon how high your vibrations naturally go on their own at this point in time.  But what you will begin noticing happening is this:  there are moments where you are overcome by the infinite beauty - or the spaciousness of life - or the boundlessness of an energy . . . around you.  Within you.  IN YOUR OWN LIFE.  As you begin to experience these more and more, moments of wonder and grandeur in a way that is more heightened and more expansive than ever before . . . you yourself begin raising your vibration ever closer into the realms of oneness.

Once there, you find that your own heart takes the lead and guides your expansion - with your body and mind now having a taste of where you are heading.  A taste that has primed the pump so to speak, and set a familiarity with the frequencies so that your conscious self can welcome them.  As you go deeper, you will find that fears and hidden biases or belief systems that would otherwise hold you back - or keep you outside the realms of LIGHT IN ONENESS' HEART altogether . . . seem to be cracking and dissolving all on their own.  It is your choice, of course - but you will find their embeddedness is being . . . weakened.  And new thoughts, new knowings, are taking root.

And in that space, ONENESS herself will teach you about her presence, her pure light and her magic.  THIS ESSENCE comes to begin lifting the veils.  How do you know if she is for you?  Or if you're past needing her?  It's simply - do you still hold fear?  OF ANYTHING?  Then yes - she is for you.  And is a beautiful gift in the journey for really opening yourself TO the TRUEST VIBRATIONS OF LIGHT . . . THE VERY HEART OF ONENESS.


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