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Lizilu - A Fairy Godmother

Lizilu - A Fairy Godmother

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LIZILU is all about the good things that can be found in life.  She likes picnics and bubbles in her drinks, moonlit walks and playful hijinks.

She can tell you everything there is to know about cultivating joy and opening your heart to the pleasures of life.  Going and coming are always quite fun for her, though you may oft find her curled up with a good book in a chair.

She knows that the greatest energy for moving one forward is to partake of the simple joys in life.  No matter the life, no matter the path, she believes each moment holds a hidden gift . . . and she is AN EXPERT at discovering just where those unseen blessings lie.

When you welcome her into your life, just be prepared . . . she brings a happy heart that is contagious . . . and one that invites you to join into THE JOYFUL DANCE that can be every life!


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