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Laughter came and I wasn't quite sure why.  Giggles and tickles inside, what was up with that?, oh my!

But though we think of laughter as a perhaps silly thing, in the world of LIGHT, it's precious.  Truly Precious.  Here's why.  As you enter more deeply into the depths of the realms of Light, as you grow closer to the edges at THE HEART OF ONENESS . . . you really seem sometimes to not laugh much anymore.  It's not that you're heavy - in fact, it's quite the opposite - you're feeling QUITE LIGHT!  You may smile where before a laugh would erupt.  And that's a perfect, wondrous thing.

But there are times, come to find out, when SACRED MOMENTS are taking hold . . . when SACRED CREATIONS OF LIGHT are moving through your day unbeknownst . . . when LAUGHTER comes with a very sacred purpose.  In these times of very high light, soulful and magical creations of our path - LAUGHTER SEALS THE DEAL . . . and SOOTHES THE SOUL.

It creates a vortex of LIGHT which simply allows the creation energy to express outwards in a really powerful way.  And it does something magical - special - hidden . . . when released.  IT SEALS the creation energy.  It creates a magical, energetic, vibrational SEAL to the whole thing - whatever is being enacted or created.  You won't likely know sometimes even what is being created - mystery is EVER an element of LIGHT and SPIRIT and LOVE.  But when it is complete, sometimes, in some magical way - LAUGHTER will float in to SEAL THE DEAL.  IT soothes and smooths the energies after the IMPULSE or PULSATION of all that creation light out into the world.  It's a sacred thing.  A Sovereign thing.  A magical part of the most soulful creations sometimes.

If you have a moment where you feel drawn to this essence - invite her in.  Why?  Because you may just be preparing to SEAL THE DEAL on a potent and powerful creation.  Something you'd give anything in the world to complete in the highest and best of ways . . . if you but knew it was happening.  THIS ESSENCE IS YOUR CLUE.  If you're drawn to her, something big is in the works, creationally - and nearing its completion.  And it may just be calling for a most unusual and energetically spectacular release.

THIS ESSENCE is the vibration of light which will help to create the impulses you need in your life of light to truly - CREATE WITH A FLOURISH as the energy wafts out upon completion.  It isn't something you do - it's something you surrender into.  She magnifies the vibrations so you feel them - and give your best laughs - in the most perfect moment.

Magical creation of light?  Oh yes.

Magical souls surrendering to unseen creation?  Always.

Loving the way our inner LIGHT creates without our full conscious knowing?  INDEED!

And the tools OUR LIGHT can use are infinite - amazing - and make us feel great!  ENJOY!

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