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"INTRODUCTION - 1st TRUTHS OF LIGHT"<br>FREE Awakenings Class Video

FREE Awakenings Class Video

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Precious, potent wisdoms about Expansion and Living As Light while here in the physical realm . . . were gifted to me.
A decade and more later, they are just now being shared with the world.  Our INTRODUCTION gives you a tiny peek at how they came to be.  And why they are so important.
Enacted and received during a storm of light that endured for over 11 years, these very beautiful gifts changed everything about my life.  Thousands of pages of WISDOMS OF LIGHT gathered here, and have waited their time to be shared.
These 1st TRUTHS OF LIGHT are the very beginnings of that very powerful time.  They took me on a journey that dissolved all of my fears and transformed me into A BEING OF LIGHT.  We all are that very same thing - we simply forget, and we live beneath a veil created by our fears.
Come take a peek . . . though these are the earliest gifts we received, and  simple as well . . . they can change you.  And the power of light will touch you in a very special way!

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