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Are you living a life that is

Wholly alien to . . .YOUR TRUEST IDENTITY?


Do you define yourself,

Both who you are and your value,

Based on what you do and labels society prescribes?


Most of us do.

But there is a hidden quicksand lurking beneath our LABELS.

That identity is . . . NOT REALLY TRUE . . . for OUR SOUL. 



And when we live our lives according to that paradigm,

We create powerful and deepening fractures inside of us.

Those fractures can take presence in the form of illness, yes.

But also emotional challenges and even relationship distress.

 The real culprit here is not society though.  Really, it's not. 

IT IS . . . US ! ! !


WE all have a choice

About who - and how - we define ourselves.

We alone can ultimately CHOOSE what image and, if you will,

What "IDENTITY" we present to the world.


If there are events unfolding in your life that seem to be

Beyond your control and outside of your making . . .



Most often, these types of moments come forth

To dissolve away some layer - a costume - we are wearing.

Something which is hiding our TRUEST NATURE.

And, perhaps, most importantly . . .



Get ready to be amazed.

Because THE IDENTITY you think you hold

Is most likely NOT THE REAL or TRUE YOU.


And that discrepancy, or dichotomy,


And the one you believe to be true or knowingly give to the world . . .




One that can cost you everything each of us truly values in life

And for our time here on this planet.

 Let's take a deeper look, Shall We? ?

:- )


You'll be ever so glad . . . that you did!


We all seem to think - and converse - in terms of IDENTITIES these days.  Yet, the more we LABEL - anything, ourselves, others, the world - the more we create ever present boundaries to our TRUEST SIGHT and our DEEPEST KNOWING.  Knowing of ourselves or another.

LABELS do nothing to TRULY define us - they are intellectually lazy.  And seem to give us a free pass at doing the work of truly getting to know and defining . . . life itself.  Ourselves.  Others.  The world we live in.

But here is the danger in living that way.  Beyond how incredibly narrow-minded - and SIGHTED! - it is, it truly puts blinders over our deeper knowings within.  And this is where we can really get into trouble.  When we think of ourselves in terms of our roles, titles, jobs, or physical characteristics - everything from where we live, where we were born, and how we look or behave or talk - we lose sight of what is REALLY TRUE and PURE.

Think of it this way.  YOUR ESSENCE - YOUR LIGHT, if you will - can come to earth as often as she chooses to.  And each time, whether it is just this one life you live now or a hundred before or since, THE SAME LIGHT is what gives rise to your spirit, your soul and your essence.  And it is THAT SAME LIGHT which imbues your body with material presence, your form, and all that "you" entail.

So what is TRULY your deepest, purest, and MOST ENDURING IDENTITY - is the expression of that LIGHT.  In other words, THE ENERGY STREAM - and the form it takes - in every lifetime, not just this one.

When you begin to think of your identity in terms of frequency and energy - LIGHT - you realize that the labels WE USE to define ourselves are simply . . . surface embellishments.  WE live through them, and to them, yes . . . but they may not be OUR TRUEST EXPRESSION of OUR INNERMOST HIGHEST LIGHT.

And it is that very thing - THAT LIGHT! - which defines your truest identity.

By living a life defined otherwise . . . by allowing all the expected and normal labels to parse your life and define THE YOU that you both see yourself to be AND give to the world . . . you become TRAPPED in a very limited, narrowly defined picture of yourself.  And that picture?  Often has very little to do with both YOUR SOUL's PURPOSE and HIGHEST EXPRESSION OF LIGHT.

Until you realize . . . WHO YOU TRULY ARE . . . you cannot really fulfill your soul's purpose for coming.  EVEN the purposes you SEE as your reason for being here right now - wife, mother, husband, father, sister, friend, etc.  When you let go of THE LABELS that you use to define yourself (and others!) . . . then you begin to let go of THE TRAP which has limited how you see yourself and what you are here to do, to be, to give.

YOUR DESTINY AWAITS.  WE all have one.  Something OUR ESSENCE came to embody and to live.  And unless you KNOW that PURER part of your self - and define yourself accordingly . . . both YOU and YOUR LIFE lie forever more trapped in a limited version of yourself with boundaries all around.  Boundaries of your own making.

Isn't it TRULY TIME to BE FREE?!  To really SEE and KNOW . . . what is shining in the center of you, just waiting for you to LET HER FLY FREE?

It IS time.  For all of us.  And this listing comes to help you perceive and discern that which your 'trappings' of a life of labels has hidden from your view.  It's a magical thing - opening your eyes and seeing through THE SOUL.  Isn't it time . . . you were ready to really LIVE as all of WHO YOU TRULY ARE?

If you say yes, then begin here.  It's a powerful way to let go of the chains that bind you without you even realizing it.  And to allow new vision to guide your way forward every day. You will be amazed . . . how different your human-thought IDENTITY usually is and can be . . . from that which YOUR SOUL SEES AS TRUE - and wishes to live.

There's no time like the present . . . TO REALLY SEE!  Are you ready?  Then this is a wonderful way to begin that process and open yourself to a sparkling journey that just awaits . . . YOU!


Include any notes you like - about what you see in your life, what you are striving to uncover, what you wish deeply to know - in your order as you check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be in touch by email with details for how we will move forward and reveal YOUR ESSENCE'S knowing of your truest identity.  WITHIN!


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