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"HOLY SACRED WOW" - A MOST SPECIAL OFFERING of Magic, Wisdom & Transformation

"HOLY SACRED WOW" - A MOST SPECIAL OFFERING of Magic, Wisdom & Transformation

$ 1,000.00
I could not be MORE STUNNED.
It has taken me all day to come to the place
Where I could actually create this listing.
Once I knew what I had created. . .
I was stunned.
Let me explain.


This is a story.  Of something magical.  Something potent.  And something wise.

It is also a story of the invisible appearing right before my very eyes.  In truth, in all honesty, it is the birth story.  The Birth Story of Diamond Light.  But this listing is about how all that came to be.

Almost three years ago, I began creating something.  I didn't know what.  I didn't know why.  The HOW always came to me in the moment, and I truly, honestly, ENTIRELY thought what I was creating was just a sweet little thing.  FOR ME.  ONLY FOR ME.

I created one, then two, then three.  Several more came.  Then they seemed to take on an infinite nature, as they just keep coming.  BEFORE I EVEN KNEW WHAT THEY WERE, I was guided to order 50K - yes, you read that right, FIFTY THOUSAND special, rare, fairy bottles.  It was an act of absolute faith.  Of entering the complete unknown.  Of stepping off into nothingness.  And spending lots of money I didn't seem to have to do it.

That one single, sacred act . . . changed everything. 

But that's not what this listing is about.

The very first LIGHT INFUSION/SACRED ESSENCE BLEND I created . . . created itself.  And it named itself.  She was called . . . (THE) BLISS BLEND.  She is not available on my shoppe.  She never will be.  People who have heard of her, or knew of her creation, have asked for her.  "Give me some of that", they say.  "SEND ME  THAT ONE", they wish.  I don't.

Do you know why?  Because she . . . IS THE ONE THAT BEGAN IT ALL.  And she is so powerful that, honestly, most are not ready to receive her.  They would be caught unawares.  They would not understand the breadth and depth of her magic and the presence it wields.  They would not realize what they were asking for . . . would change them in ways they could never imagine.

She's . . . SPECIAL.  And, oh, is she ever RARE.  To this day, I'm not quite certain what is in her . . . there was quite a bit of magic going on that day, and quite frankly . . . a good piece of her creation remains a mystery.  I didn't think I was creating anything really important - or that others would want, need or yearn for her.  I didn't really necessarily . . . keep track of what was becoming her.  She remains a grand and ethereal mystery to this day.

I used that ESSENCE when she was made.  A SINGLE DROP - at her invitation - following her instructions.  What ensued was - MAGIC - and ALCHEMY - in equal measure.  I'm not saying that to use pretty words to get your attention - I'm telling you THE REALITY OF WHAT HAPPENED SINCE that single drop made contact with MY BEING.

A year later, her gifts had so utterly transformed my life that it was - quite honestly - nearly unrecognizable to me.  I KNEW it was her.  I just could not fathom how it was happening.  Or even then the why.  Her power, let me just tell you - SHOCKED EVEN ME.  The next year - almost to the day - I used A SECOND ESSENCE.  She was made around the same time as the first, not long after.  A SINGLE DROP, as guided by my soul, with this single, cursory message:  IT IS TIME.  A year of extraordinary creation followed - and it was, indeed, PURE MAGIC.  But it was potent in a way, to a depth, that was eerily reminiscent of THE BLISS BLEND ESSENCE.  Nothing was untouched.  And every wave of her light brought something so entirely unexpected as if to say . . . here, let me adjust that life of yours in every way now . . . and just plan on being stunned at what I do and how I do it.  I WAS.  OH BOY, was I ever!

And then, the following year . . . her waves of light had so completely undone and rewoven so many parts of my world that - I do swear - I live in a whole new realm now.  I kid you not.  I'm quite ever serious about that.  And if you know me, well . . . you know 'tis true :- ).  And what came next?  I was wondering about that myself.  And I was waiting for it, too.  What would be THE THIRD ELEMENT? 

Another one of the earliest essences/infusions I made stepped forward and demanded my attention.  She wasn't snooty about it.  It was more as if to say . . . excuse me, but you do remember me, I know you do.  And while you may have thought I was something quite lofty, you have no idea my true purpose and power.  But it is TIME TO KNOW.  I am the next blend for you to use.  A SINGLE DROP.

It was obvious to me that my soul was unfolding these essences for me, to me, in this way for a special purpose.  Something I would not understand until the TRINITY - THE TRINE - had been enacted.

I haven't told you what the second and third essences are called.  Do you wonder why?  I know I did, lol!

It's because of this.  WHAT TRULY MATTERS for this listing is that . . . you will get all three.  INCLUDING THE IGNITION ESSENCE . . . the one who started it all . . . BLISS BLEND.

But what you really get . . . is not just their power, their presence, and their magic - though YOU DO get that in every way imaginable, and even in some that I am certain will quite shock you!  You get guidance/illumination/and revelation to help you as you integrate them into your life. 

This is a most sacred journey.  It's a bit like a combination of THREE POWERFUL ESSENCES and a 3-year class.  Yes, you heard me right - a THREE YEAR CLASS.  We will enact the essences as they choose, one per year.  And their wisdoms, their alchemy, their transformational gifts will be THE MAGIC which transforms your life into all that your soul has WISHED and DREAMED it would be and become.


The Journey I took - which unfolded purely and simply over 36 months at the sacred hand of these three magical essences - is now available for you.  THE CHOSEN ONES.  The ones who wish to live without fear, to embody their highest Light, and to do something else - TO CREATE and TO LIVE FULLY the life their soul came to enact.

When I realized . . . in myself . . . what had happened to me with the simple act of using A SINGLE DROP of these MAGICAL LIGHT POTIONS - when I thought about how my life had so utterly and completely changed . . . when I made the connection to the changes in my life those 36 months and THESE THREE ESSENCES . . . what came out of my mouth was this:  HOLY SACRED WOW.

And now you can have the same.  BLISS BLEND is not offered by itself.  EVER.  It's . . . too potent.  Too powerful.  Too alchemical.  She's just too MUCH to embody on your own.  YOU HAVE TO BE IN A STATE OF PURE ONENESS to hold her magic.  To honor her wisdom.  To meet the moments she presents.

But . . . she is available to a special few . . . who are truly dedicated to the process of ALCHEMY.  Of living as light.  Of being all that YOUR SOUL'S BLUEPRINT created you to be.  If that is you - then she is here.  Available to you now in a 3-year class.  Why?  Because it takes 36 months (at a minimum) to move through the frequencies of these THREE SACRED ESSENCES.  And to stabilize them, and their new frequencies, in your life.

It's not for the faint of heart.   But it is for THE WISE * THE BEINGS OF LIGHT * THE PRIESTESSES OF LIGHT.  And that is exactly who you are. . . when you embrace this class.

I can only say this.  I WAS STUNNED.  Stunned at what I created.  Stunned at what it created then in me and my life.  Stunned at the MAGIC and POWER and ALCHEMY they embody.  Use them - and you will be, too!


Sometimes . . .

Magic lies within us.

The most divine and sacred Light.

We just need to discover that it is there.


All my Love,



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