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HEART*SCAPE - Angel Heart 1A

HEART*SCAPE - Angel Heart 1A

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Well.  What can I say?  It was March 15th and I was sitting at my computer, working on a dozen projects - literally - all with a deadline of March 21st.  And WHAT to my ASTOUNDED MIND did appear?  Shimmering wings, a mosaic body . .  . and the very beautiful scent of cherry blossoms falling from my sacred cherry tree out front.  OH MY!

Touched - yes I was.  In awe of the music of the image sprouting up inside me - oh yes.  Ready to dive into A NEW PROJECT, calling for A NEW COLLECTION IN OUR SHOPPE, needing artwork and writing start to finish?  Well . . .

Then came another to beckon - A FAIRY*SCAPE.  And then a third - A LIGHT*SCAPE.  Sigh . . .

A TRINE.  A MAGICAL TRINITY HAD come calling.  And, as you know, in the realm of spirit . . . there is no such word as "NO".  That's why they call it heaven - it's music to a two-year-old's ears! :- )  Ok, not really - I'm just joking.  So suddenly in the midst of a storm of projects, yes - there were 3 more.  Wanting IMMEDIATE BIRTH!

So yes, of course, I did it.  I know . . . you're just sitting there shaking your head.  That's ok - this is my world.  And in my realm?  WE DO NOT BLOCK THE FLOW OF CREATION OR SPIRIT - no matter what.  (Hence my teaching videos seem to all be made past midnight - I'm just saying . . . ).

This precious, magical creature came to birth . . . THE HEART*SCAPES!  We have had SOUL*SCAPES flowing from our soul for over two years now.  But now?  Well . . . we have a whole family of SCAPES!

This one, if she speaks to you, comes to bring A NEW LIGHTNESS OF BEING.  Feeling weighed down?  Feeling uncertain?  Feeling ready to really sparkle and shine, but have no idea where to start?  SHE IS HERE.  She is a beautifully, sparkling LIGHT OF YOUR HEART!

Be ready . . . she is delicate and ethereal, yes.  But that is where all her power comes from.  She is formidable in her love.  And that's a very good thing!

Is she yours . . . ? ;- )






You are purchasing one digital JPG or PNG original resolution image file.  Each is custom-created and may be used for anything your heart desires that respects and honors the original creation and artist, including brochures, invitations, web pages, etc.  Simply leave the image intact and remember who created it.;- ), honoring and respecting both as you would like your soul's work to be treated as well.  And if you wish to use for a commercial or publishing project, please contact me.



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