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05 "HEAD CRUSH" -  Sacred Essence

05 "HEAD CRUSH" - Sacred Essence

$ 33.00

Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences infuse your life with frequencies of Light and Love rarely encountered in this realm.

This ESSENCE is called HEAD CRUSH.  As our vibrations rise, and our energies expand, our bodies can seem to struggle sometimes to keep up.  Quite often, those transformations of Light and Energy moving through us take the form of, what I like to call, HEAD IMPLOSIONS.

These are not your everyday headache.  I don't think even A MIGRAINE comes close.  These are . . . beyond.  They are your very inner head matrix integrating and expanding some truly potent and visible energies.  As they settle in, as they complete, as the transformations these sacred energies bring harmonize, you will feel better.

In the meantime, this essence comes to specifically GUIDE YOU THROUGH the head transformations which are so often for many a part of this sacred journey. Mind you, it's purpose is not to heal nor to take away what you feel.  It may, but its purpose is deeper and more profound than that.  It comes to help illuminate for you the purpose of the power moving through you, and the inner ways in which your transformations are taking form.  In a word - she comes to open your eyes in such a way that you can let go of your fear - and even your pain - and really learn what these moments are bringing forth to you.

There's no greater act of faith, than to meet a powerful moment face to face.  You may just find as you do so that THESE MOMENTS you've been dreading are actually carrying one enormous and amazing gift.  Uncover that, and I promise you this:  the pain will be a distant memory, replaced by your awe at what you are experiencing.


HEAD CRUSH.  Yes - that's exactly what these transformations feel like sometimes.  If you're ready to take a new approach to them - beyond annihilation and doing everything in your power to make them go away - then this is your essence. 

I promise you this:  I created this for myself.  MAGIC AWAITS! :- )

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