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TRINE 01c - "HARNESS (ing Light)" - A Magical Celestial Essence

TRINE 01c - "HARNESS (ing Light)" - A Magical Celestial Essence

$ 44.00

Part 3
Of a very special, life-defining TRINITY.


First came "PURGE".

Then came "FAIRY DROPS".

Now, the breathtaking "HARNESS (ing Light)" Is here.

She came as a whisper - patiently waiting for me to truly SEE HER.  To hear her in a complete way, such that all of her could just BE WITH ME.  It was a magical experience.  And that is, after all, what she comes to share.

There is a process of harnessing THE PURE PRIMORDIAL ENERGY OF CREATION which is especially potent and deeply profound.  It occurs only after something as pure - and profoundly all-encompassing - as THE PURGE.  The emptiness, the cavern, the cleared space - THE WOMB, if you will - created by "THE PURGE" . . . can be touched then by a very  special light.

This Essence comes to usher in that light into your newly consecrated and sanctified space - YOUR NEW LIFE.  And she does so with . . . a whoosh.  A whoosh you won't see and you likely won't feel . . . but whose presence is deeply  pulsating and whispers through you like a wind you cannot see.

She will whisper.  You will follow.  HARNESSING ensues - in the most breathtaking, magical, and unexpected ways.  For you see, "HARNESSING LIGHT" is not a formula  you can invoke - it comes as a natural opportunity after PURGE and FAIRY DROPS.  That opportunity is a chance most humans miss . . . to truly HARNESS DIVINE LIGHT in a very precious, yet profound way.

This is your chance.  Are you taking it???

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