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"HALF A HEART" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"HALF A HEART" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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One can only wonder . . . and yet, this essence, is so completely - and profoundly - uplifting.  Just wait.  Wait until you hear her purpose and how she came to have such a name.

At first glance, one would think this is all about heartbreak.  But no.  It most certainly is not.  It's about the power we all hold inside ourselves.  A power we rarely - if ever - truly understand, much less own, and certainly few actually live.

This Essence comes to show you the field of wholeness within which every soul of light is encapsulated.  Yes - you heard me right - ENCAPSULATED.  There is a field of light within which your original spark of light was first born.  That drop of light, let's call it, is untouchable.  It cannot be harmed - destroyed - even impacted.  It can also never be changed.  Within that space, your eternal, divine, and most sacred self of pure creation light . . . lives and breathes, ever mindful of the journey you came to travel.  That sojourn is deeply sacred - overtly spiritual - and powerfully surprising.

Why?  Because it can - and is - only revealed when you sit in holy - and sacred - and FULL! - communion with the center of that original spark of light of your essence.  When you do - WOW!  And double wow!  To say clarity reigns would be an understatement.  It's more like . . . pure, undifferentiated SIGHT.  THE SIGHT OF THE SOUL.

HALF A HEART refers to the usual state of a human being.  One who lives their life - at best - from an integration of (hopefully) spiritual energies into what is largely seen as a material and physical life.  One that mental life forms largely rule and guard.  To live in that state is to simply be enacting your life as if you have only . . . HALF A HEART.  The full - WHOLE - power of your being is never accessed, unleashed, or even identified while living in that state.  THE NORMAL ONE.  THE USUAL ONE.  Even for those who are knowingly on spiritual journeys.

This Essence comes to invite you to change all that.  TO TRULY make the vibrational attunements within your body and mind . . . to allow and encourage you to set your eyes on, and to experience, YOUR WHOLENESS.  YOUR WHOLE HEART.  This is, come to find out, an important step as you draw closer to THE CIRCLE OF ONENESS.  It is a gateway which must be traversed in order to fully step into THE LIGHT OF ONENESS.  Why?  Because it is through YOUR WHOLE HEART . . . that you will be able to experience THE ONENESS you are about to meet.

This Essence is a reminder that important work - and transformation - beckons inside you.  So that you, too, can allow the most precious of knowings - to soon be yours.  THAT OF YOUR WHOLENESS . . . as you step into that frequency of light which allows you - IN ONENESS - to recognize that you are all which you now see.  BEfore you do so . . . you will have to give up living life in the usual way - as if you only have a half of a heart.

Take this essence as you begin to feel the oneness of light beckoning to you, drawing you in.  It will enable you to truly embrace the vibrational shifts which will come in order to move you closer to that field of oneness.  By introducing you - as your vibration rises to allow its presence - to THE WHOLE HEART of YOUR LIGHT.

This changes you.  It changes everything.  Begin it soon, because it allows you to positively and engagingly transform from the human paradigm - into - the realm of light.  Which is the only journey that will take you INTO ONENESS.

She's come.  Are you ready?

SAY YES and she will begin the ethereal process of reminding you of the frequencies . . . of YOUR WHOLENESS.  YOUR WHOLE HEART . . . awaits you now.

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