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"GONE & SEEN" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"GONE & SEEN" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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When this essence first revealed itself, I was stunned.  Feeling its energies, sensing its purposes . . . whatever would it be named?  I knew to wait.  I don't name the essences - they reveal their own chosen names to me.  And this one certainly did just that.

But what does that name even mean?!?! :- )

It means this:  THIS SACRED ESSENCE comes forth to illuminate for you - and help birth within you - the most enchanting thing . . . SACRED SIGHT.  This changes your realm from one of physical - or even metaphysical - to pure, unadulterated MYSTICAL.  What does that mean?  Well, more than we can go into here, but suffice it to say this, by way of introduction:  THIS ESSENCE helps open your heart to the ethereal realms in such a way as to highlight for you this very sacred thing - THAT WHAT APPEARS TO BE GONE . . . can still be SEEN.  KNOWN.  ACKNOWLEDGED.  And lived - by embracing ever higher frequencies of light.

This is not about just seeing spirit or energy.  Oh no.  THIS IS SO MUCH MORE.  Those gifts can birth on their own, but this one, well . . .  it requests an invitation.  Specifically - that your highest frequencies be in total and complete harmony with the outer realms, the vibrations just outside, of oneness.  Why?  Because what - and who - or whom - you are going to SEE . . . exists there.  And in order to perceive the FULL POWER and BEAUTY of their LIGHT . . .  you are going to want to allow some serious - and, yes, sacred - alchemy.  The kind where your mind becomes numb to the phrase - "But . . . that can't be!".  In this space, you are going to begin to see quite a bit that your mind simply cannot fathom - at first, surely, cannot appreciate - and frankly, quite easily may simply wish - and try - to deny.  Not to worry.

This Sacred Essence comes to help you acknowledge THE PRESENCE - pure and simple - of all that has seemed to be gone.  Why?  Why go there?  Because that is EXACTLY what you will encounter - fully and simply - as you begin your approach to the fields of light of pure oneness.  SHE COMES, this essence, to make the introductions - to smooth the waters - to bend your mind's objections just enough . . . to allow you to learn about a whole new way of life.  One that exists - truly, it ever does! - right before your very eyes.  UNSEEN to this very point.

Yes - different aspects of life may SEEM to be GONE . . . yet, as you approach the field of ONENESS . . . you will most certainly be seeing them.  Whether you think you want to or not.  This Essence comes to elevate the energies in the process by allowing your mind to hold a very rare and peculiar vantage point to the whole magical unfolding - from somewhere NEAR to the center.  Here, you will find, that your mind will find itself IN AWE OF what it sees - no matter how much it wants to object and dismiss - it will be mesmerized by that which is coming before you.

And that's a very beautiful - magical - and wholly sacred thing.  Courtesy of this very enigmatic essence - "GONE & SEEN".  Yes - what seems GONE - is definitely, for you, about to be SEEN AGAIN.  In a new way.  And that is really what she is all about.  Helping you to both integrate - and not miss - the sacred unfoldings about to be.




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