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"GONE & BELIEVED" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"GONE & BELIEVED" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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Such an unusual essence - yet so profound.  So wondrous.  So enchanting.

GONE & BELIEVED refers to a specific spiral in the journey to meet ONENESS - vibrationally, energetically, spiritually.  There comes a place along the way where . . . what WAS is let go of - and is no more.  Particularly this becomes true about physical forms and presences.  Yet - as is the way of spirit - that beingness itself holds ever more TRUE PRESENCE once no longer tethered to a physical expression.  In this way, what is seemingly GONE IN the usual sense of life . . . comes to take up a deeper, truer, even more "alive" presence with you and within your life.

When this happens, you face an interesting conundrum.  Are you willing to listen and follow that which is no longer present and with you in a physical sense?  Are you ABLE to truly step into your heart and hear the wisdom which flows there in a voice that holds a soul's echo of that which you once knew well - but is no longer around?  Will you be able to discern the presence WITH YOU, guiding you ever so beautifully from its higher perspectives now, as a gift of fascinating love for you alone . . . even though no one else will likely see or believe it is there?

When you are faced with this unfolding, you are entering a very ethereal realm of light.  It isn't oneness - not yet - not quite . . . but it asks of you the knowing that ONENESS PREVAILS IN SPIRIT.  And the only way to discover it while holding form is to move into the frequencies which allow it to become your truth - while here - with form.

This Sacred Essence comes to bolster your inner knowings of the light within the precious wisdoms which flow from higher love . . . from those who were once a beautiful part of your life - but are no more, at least not in the usual sense.  THIS ESSENCE invites you to take a SOUL PERSPECTIVE and see that a new loving guidance is offering its wisdom to you from a higher perspective than it held while in physical form.  The real question?  It's not will you hear it - will it reach you - will it make itself known in a way that you can fathom the gift it hopes to present to you for your life.  The real question is this:  WILL YOU BELIEVE in that Being's presence, and honor its wisdoms, even though it is - seemingly - now gone?

This Essence will help you to truly step into and fathom more deeply the knowings of LOVE and LIGHT which flow from those who move into higher frequencies once they have no remaining physical presence.  Call them what you will - spirits - essences - those who have gone before or crossed over . . . it's all still A beautiful loving voice of light reaching out to touch you from a higher plane.  THIS ESSENCE helps you to open vibrationally to feel the frequencies which hold higher light and wisdom for you - coming from those who you know and feel are choosing to still be with you - yet, without form.

This is powerful.  It is potent.  It asks of you only one thing.  LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART - to everything.  In time, you will come to recognize the differentials in frequencies between beings - maybe.  But it isn't important that you do.  All that matters is that you honor that which is now gone in form - from your eyes - by allowing it to share its presence with you in a new and profound way.  If you choose.

And we certainly hope that . . . YOU DO !

This Essence can be used as often as - and even repeatedly more than one vial if - you feel so led and choose to.  One of the few. :- )




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